Nursing necklace in Autumn berry shades by Mama Jewels Back to top

Mama Jewels ‘Charlotte Ruby’ Nursing necklace is featured in our latest Polyvore board with a gorgeous combination of Autumn berry hues. Topshop maternity jeans in gorgeous khaki teamed up with a Plum feeding top by Old navy and luxurious tan knee length boots at TOPSHOP.
Nursing necklaces can be stylish – seriously!

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Does a Teething necklace really work? Back to top

As a Mum of three boys, aged 6 months, 2 years and five, and my experiences of Teething babies have involved red cheeks and sloppy nappies, drooling, Calpol, sleepless night and lots of chewing.

Let’s face it babies love to chew, in fact they will chew whatever they can get their hands on, and often things we don’t want them to; say hello to the Teething necklace, a specific silicone based necklace that is designed to sit around Mums neck like jewellery but that baby can chew on to relieve the symptoms of teething.
So do they work and are they worth it? I like the fact that they are always around your neck, rather than somewhere in the bottom of your bag covered in fluff :-#, I like the fact that they are eye-catching and can be washed and I really like the fact that there are so many companies making them that the choice is fantastic.

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NEW Winter Sky version of best selling Nursing necklace Back to top

Mama Jewels introduces the NEW Winter sky version of their best-selling Nursing necklace in a gorgeous selection of blues. Winter Sky is based upon Mama Jewels best-selling necklace the Miranda Pink design which originally started as a limited edition design and continues to be a best seller.

Winter Sky was named by clever Mama Jewels customer Natasia Cooper from Nottinghamshire during a Facebook competition.

Miranda Winter Sky New Mum gift necklace comprises of Turquoise, black, gold, grey and blue with a Grey faceted heart pendant and is finished with black thread and Macramé knotting.

All Mama Jewels products come complete with Mama Jewels gift box and tag and now there is a matching baby proof bracelet which can be purchased separately or as part of a gift set.

Wonderful as a Nursing Necklace / Breastfeeding necklace or for all new mums who have babies at the age where they grab, pull and chew your jewellery.

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Can a Nursing Necklace be stylish? Back to top

Being a Mum doesn’t necessarily mean giving up style or other things you liked before the kids came along. On the other hand, some things just aren’t practical for motherhood. Jewellery is one of those “pre-motherhood” things that now sit gathering dust. It’s just not something you can wear while carrying a baby in your arms.Or is it? Nursing necklaces are designed just for this purpose. As your baby grows, he becomes more aware and interested in the world around him. This especially includes anything immediately within reach. Generally, this means you. If you are breastfeeding, this means more time spent with your child pulling, grabbing, pinching, or poking you. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can even hurt!

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