A fabulous NEW range of Teething necklaces at Mama Jewels Back to top

Are you looking for a stylish alternative to a teether? One that you can hand around your neck and always have to hand when your baby needs something to chomp onto, well our beautiful selection of Teething necklaces may be just what you are looking for.

With a fabulous and varied selection of Natural wood, Shaped silicone, pendant and long style necklaces there is a design that would suit everyone in our Teething necklace shop.

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Mothers day competition WIN Mama Jewels jewellery Back to top

This Mothers day we’d like you to tell us why a deserving Mum that you know should win one of our fantastic Mama Jewels necklaces!

We have three fabulous prizes to give away and each winner will get to decide on their choice of necklace.
All you need to do is nominate your mum of choice and tell us why they should win and if you think you are the deserving mum then ask a family member or friend to vote for you!

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WIN your choice of the NEW Baba & Boo organic T-shirts for children Back to top

Have you seen the latest additions to the Baba & Boo family of organic goodies for your little ones?
The Enchanted Woodland collection is inspired by Baba & Boo’s love of autumn, woodland walks and the magic that children (and adults) can see in the woods. This collection features some favorite woodland creatures.
Each gorgeous 100% organic t-shirt has an appliqué woodland creature and are sized ages from 3-6m, all the way up to 3-4y and t-shirts are generously sized.

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Love Bluebell wood heart pendant for Valentines day by Mama Jewels Back to top

Mama Jewels introduce a new heart pendant nursing necklace known as Bluebell wood. A calming combination of bluebell, violet, spring green, monaco blue and lilac shades mounted on jet black cord.
Reminiscent of a walk through the woods, calm, fresh, delicate and very pretty, yet durable, strength tested and washable.

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Style Boards – Mama Chic Back to top

Having time to think about your style and what you wear can be tricky when you are a Mum, to make you life a little easier we have styled up another one of our necklaces with a collection of stylish yet practical and wearable fashion for you use when you are in a hurry. Hope this makes your day a little easier… A xx

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Mama Jewels Style personality questionaire Back to top

Mama Jewels Style Personality Quiz
To find your style personality simply answer the following 8 questions about the style you love. Consider your best time in life and answer the questions spontaneously to achieve the best results.
What makes you unique? • Circle the response that best describes how you feel about each of the following
statements – 1 – 6 • Respond to every statement – if you’re unsure select the response which seems to be
most appropriate • Don’t spend too much time on each one • Your most immediate response is likely to be what’s most true for you

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