5 signs your baby is teething

5 signs your baby is teething 5 signs your baby is teething You get so used to the gummy smiles of your baby, that when the first little white tooth pops through it is incredible how different they can look. There are several signs of a teething baby, not all of them will be visible, but you may tick all of the boxes, or just one.

Dribbling – with teeth come lots of dribbling, you’ll find their clothes soaked through so always carry a few spares (or some cute bibs) in your changing bag.

Red cheeks – Even in the coolest of weather, your baby’s cheeks will be positively rosy and warm to the touch, they’ll constantly feel warm to the touch

General grumps – you may find that a smile bypasses your little one for a little while, whilst they are in pain and feeling under the weather. Giving them teething rings fresh from the fridge, cold carrot sticks/ cucumbers to relieve their gums will sooth their pain and help the teeth break through.

Fists/ anything in mouth – teething baby’s tend to constantly have their hands in their mouth, chomping down on anything they can get their teeth into really. No doubt you will feel their new little addition – once you do, you’ll know about it!

Rancid nappies & nappy rash – some little ones are prone to rather smelly (more than normal) nappies during teething. Their urine also smells a lot stronger which can make them a little sore. Nappy free time can do wonders for their sore bottoms. Just be sure to have wipes/ extra nappy to hand in case of accidents.

It can take a little while for those pesky teeth to arrive but stick with it, they’ll break through and you’ll get your happy baby back in no time! Grab extra sleep during the day and cuddle up with your baby if they need extra comfort, the housework can wait.

When did your baby get their first tooth?

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