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Need a great idea for a unique gift for a new mum or baby shower gift, how about a piece of beautifully designed jewellery that is baby-proof as a really thoughtful gift for a new mum? Finding something unique for a new mum gift can be tricky as there is always the temptation to buy something for baby and some flowers and chocolates for the mum. Unfortunately neither last that long and actually flowers aren’t allowed in hospitals and the new mum may be already inundated with chocolates or may be already thinking about watching her weight. Mama jewels have a fabulous range of Teething necklaces and nursing necklaces.

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A fabulous NEW range of Teething necklaces at Mama Jewels Back to top

Are you looking for a stylish alternative to a teether? One that you can hand around your neck and always have to hand when your baby needs something to chomp onto, well our beautiful selection of Teething necklaces may be just what you are looking for.

With a fabulous and varied selection of Natural wood, Shaped silicone, pendant and long style necklaces there is a design that would suit everyone in our Teething necklace shop.

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NEW YEAR Challenge: Join us for 15 minutes a day of activity; add 3 years to your life, look and feel better too! Back to top

Mince Pies, too much wine, chocolates and watching movies over the Christmas break has no doubt taken it’s toll on your waistline and your motivation. We all know that our bodies feel better after activity and fresh air, but fitting it into the hustle and bustle of everyday day life, particualrly if you have children means that excercise can drop to the bottom of the pile!

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise, a large study from Taiwan should make you feel better. The 13-year study tracked 416,000 participants and found that just 15 minutes of moderate exercise increased their life expectancy by three years, compared to those who didn’t exercise. Daily workouts lower the incidence of cancer, and therefore lower the risk of cancer-related deaths.

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