Is your diet affecting your confidence ( Guest post )

Is your diet affecting your confidence? Would you love find a way change your diet liefstyle for good and feel better?


Is Your Diet Affecting Your Confidence?

I suppose that depends on which definition of “diet” you are working with…


  1. The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats


Or, sadly, the more common understanding of the word:


  1. A special course of food to which a person restricts themselves, either to lose weight or for medical reasons

I am not talking about the former here, nor considering the sugar crashes or food intolerances that can very much affect our moods and emotions. I am considering the impact of a “diet” as we more commonly understand it on how we feel about ourselves.


One of the saddest things I find time and again when working with the women that come to me to lose weight is how badly they talk of themselves, not simply carrying a few extra pounds, but somehow failures as people in a much bigger way.


If you had someone in your life telling you every day that you were a fat failure, couldn’t achieve anything, had no will-power, needed to get on with it and stop being so pathetic… wouldn’t you get rid of them? Recognise them for the bully they are and refuse to allow them into your life? But often we talk to ourselves like this everyday, constantly, from the first glance in the mirror, or the first look down in the shower.


Worse, we talk about it to others, telling everyone else how we simply cannot help ourselves, cannot resist the whole packet of biscuits or block of cheese, pointing out to our young children the fats bits, the bad bits on mummy and daddy, teaching them that fat is bad, that mummy or daddy are also bad, because they have these fat bits.


So I guess it is pretty clear that I firmly believe the culture of “dieting” and chastising ourselves is catastrophically damaging not only to our own confidence but also to those who learn what is important from our example.


But why, oh why, does dieting damage our confidence so much?


Put simply, you feel miserable while you are on the diet but equally as miserable when you are off it, believing you are a failure and with this view you are likely to continue to fail. It is this continuous cycle of feeling like a failure that erodes your confidence. Years of living in this cycle make it hard to break, and our default setting is set to failure and a lack of confidence.


The first step is simply to accept small failures, learn not to let them derail you. It seems like a tiny first step, but it is not easy to retrain your brain after years of negative thoughts. This is not an easy first step, but is a very important one to make sure that this time the end results are different, sustainable and achievable.


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Have a Happy & Healthy 2014


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