• Amber Teething necklaces

    Amber Teething necklaces (3)

    Beautiful Baltic Amber teething nursing necklaces for wearing by grownups. The SAFER way to get the benefits of natural amber remedies.
  • Liberty Print Designs

    Liberty Print Designs (29)

    Beautiful jewellery using Liberty print fabrics with true British design and style
  • Baby-proof bracelets

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  • Teething Nursing necklaces

    Teething Nursing necklaces (123)

    Mama Jewels are a family run company based in Nottingham, England. We have been manufacturing Nursing/teething necklaces to be worn by Mums and caregivers since 2009 in our workshop in Nottingham. Combining true British design and British manufacturing, we employ a small team who create stylish, strength tested, non-toxic jewellery that is safe for baby to play with and teethe on whilst being worn by Mum, dad or other care givers. We use mixed medium designs which beautifully combine wood, resin, acrylic and silicone ALL of which are non-toxic, can be washed and are strength tested. Our aim is to offer our customers the most stylish designs available with baby proof jewellery that does NOT look like a toy but instead harnesses the style of the person wearing it. We offer a money back guarantee against breakage and a bespoke design service for customers who like to have an input for their own design.
  • Baby-Proof Jewellery gift sets

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  • Breastfeeding reminder bracelets

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