Why use a Breastfeeding necklace?

A Breastfeeding necklace is a necklace worn to give your baby something to fiddle and twiddle with when Breastfeeding. Most babies try to pull your hair, scratch your skin and fiddle with something. Often known as a nursing necklace, the idea is that the necklace is very strong and made from Non-toxic beads and components.
Why can’t I use a regular necklace?
There are two main reasons why we would recommend using a nursing necklace:
1.    Your baby with probably break your regular necklace – Babies have a tendency to head straight for shiny, light catching things, they can and do pull very hard and of the women we surveyed, 82% said they had to stop wearing their regular jewellery as it kept being broken.

2.    Your baby will try to put whatever it can in its mouth – Buying a necklace which has been tested and verified Non-toxic is a better than not knowing what components your baby is putting in their mouth. Jewellery in the UK is NOT regulated so who knows what could be there.

Mama Jewels have come up with the ultimate breastfeeding necklace – Safety tested to BS EN 71 (Toy standards) Can be washed or sterilised and come an array of beautiful styles.
Safe, glamorous and keep your baby’s hand on the job and away from scratching you!