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Who Loves Us?

“Mums – want to look fab without losing your precious accessories to your baby’s teeth? Get yourself a lovely babyproof necklace from Mama Jewels An ingenious way to ensure you won’t have to sacrifice your style to be a great mother”

Kate Garraway

TV Presenter and Mum

“I knew Mama Jewels were great since discovering the necklaces during the Mumpreneur Awards, however, I’m not sure I really appreciated quite how fabulous the product was until I received my very own necklace. Having a 6-month-old breastfed baby comes with a few trials, biting, clinginess, sleepless nights. But the worst thing for me? The hair pulling! I now wear my necklace whenever I can, as it gives Isaac something else to grab and yank on instead of my hair. The necklaces are really well made, and stylish too. A perfect mummy product!”

Amanda Farren

Mumpreneur UK

About Us

Order artisan gifts for mum and baby in the UK and worldwide

When Mama Jewels began in 2009, we were inspired by the challenge of our baby’s teething troubles. Teething is one of the most challenging periods in an infant’s life. Somewhere between 6 to 24 months, the baby teeth are slowly breaking through the gums, causing major discomfort. In an attempt to reduce it, your little one will drag everything within its reach into the mouth. And more often than not, it will be your favourite piece of jewellery, forcing you to skip on accessories altogether. But do you really have to put your style on the back burner for the next two years or so? Our answer is no!

Mama Jewels is a small manufacturer of baby-proof, BPA- and PVC-free, non-toxic jewellery for mums in the UK and around the world. All of our products are hand-crafted with love and thoroughly tested to make sure they are 100% safe for the babies as well as their mummies, daddies, and caretakers. On our website, you can find a perfect gift for an expectant mum or a stylish trinket for yourself that your baby can also enjoy. Forget about being afraid that your little bundle of joy will break, bite, and drool all over your expensive necklace! Mama Jewels produces thoughtful mum jewellery gifts that are baby-friendly and easy-to-clean.

Buy children’s jewellery of exceptional quality from Mama Jewels

Here at Mama Jewels, we strive to provide our clients with a wide variety of hand-crafted jewellery pieces to meet all your needs and preferences in the best way.

Our collection includes:

As our business grew, we discovered lots of beautiful vegan, organic skin and body products for mum and baby that we wanted to share with our customers. Our gift boxes were born and combined with the lovely teething jewellery and toys we produce, we now sell the most beautiful, value for money gift boxes available. In this category, we have a wide range of professionally assembled boy, girl, and unisex baby hampers which include teething toys and necklaces, crochet stuffed animals, bibs, baby and bump balms, oils, and so much more! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a baby shower, check out our mum-to-be pamper and hamper boxes.

Looking for adorable baby jewellery in the UK? Go here for handmade, designer teething necklaces and bracelets made from food-grade silicone, wood, and authentic Baltic amber. All materials are high-quality and tested for safety. Mama Jewels products reflect the latest fashion and style trends to help our mums look and feel their best!

Our priority is outstanding safety and quality control every step of the way, from our team of artisan makers in Nottinghamshire, England. Established in 2009, we were the first in the UK.

We specialise in creating beautiful and safe teething jewellery by combining traditional natural wood with safe acrylics, silicone and stainless steel in design styles that you won’t find anywhere else. All CE compliant.

There is nothing cuter than a tiny monogrammed teething toy or an engraved piece of jewellery to commemorate an important date. At our store, you can buy children’s jewellery and pregnancy bola necklaces that promotes a powerful bond between a mother and a child. Take care of your loved ones with a thoughtful and beautiful gift they will always cherish!

There are plenty of cheap mum jewellery options on the Internet, but would you really want to compromise high-quality for a low price? Mama Jewels is not a mass-market company. Every item you order is custom-made with you and your baby in mind. And every pound you spend on our website goes to support devoted moms just like you. Mama Jewels – your #1 choice for personalised mum jewellery in the UK!