Are you looking for a stylish alternative to a Baby Teether? One that you can hand around your neck and always have to hand when your baby needs something to chomp onto, well our beautiful selection of Teething necklaces may be just what you are looking for.

With a fabulous and varied selection of Natural wood, Shaped silicone, pendant and long style necklaces there is a design that would suit everyone in our Teething necklace shop.

All of our teething necklaces are made using non-toxic materials that have natural ‘GIVE’ in them to allow your baby to chomp down and relieve the pressure when those tiny little teeth are coming through. Whether it be Natural unfinished wood or silicone rubber, they are all strung on strength tested cord that is designed to be tugged and pulled by your little one but with not break.

Each design can also be washed to get rid of any germs that may exist on the necklaces after your baby has chewed on it.

Mama Jewels can make bespoke designs and also sell a HUGE range of baby-proof jewellery for mums or Nursing necklaces as they are known in the M&B industry. Their baby -proof jewellery has all of the same qualities as the Teething necklaces we sell, but they look just like regular jewellery. Our fabulous and constantly updated collection is available here at