If you haven’t over-indulged on the chocolates, turkey and vino, then well done you, you are my hero! On the other hand if, like me you are feeling like an over stuffed baby change bag then you might want to join me spending a few days getting back to normal.

If I had diarised what i’d eaten over the past week or so I’d be crying into my iPad, but as I didn’t it’s all forgotten, I’m just left with a ridiculous feeling of bulge and a strange and constant craving for anything sweet, savoury, alcoholic and quite frankly awful for my body… cue the detox!

Now don’t panic here as a detox does not need to be an endless pursuit of all things juiced with added pondweed and wheatgrass, ( although you can can for me!) No I think it’s simply the need for my body to get back it’s normal tastes and to re-focus and realise that life cannot carry on full of mince pies, kettle crisps and squirty cream straight from the bottle!

Please do not mistake this blog for anything preachy or extreme, I am just sharing with you my post Chrimbo pursuit to return to normal and to do that I need to stop treating my poor body like a dustbin and get of my back side and get moving again.

If you fancy going hard core then for at least one day, maybe two I will be juice fasting; this is a great recipe but there are also loads more here on this 7 day juice fast

After Christmas juice fast


Eaten too much during the holidays? Have an healthy and delicious green smoothie. Blend 2 handfuls of fresh spinach leaves + celery + 1 banana +1 spoon of tahini + a couple of walnuts or almonds (+ water as needed) and enjoy!

I will also be resuming my 4 times per week running schedule ( I normally run about 4 miles, four times per week and sometimes make one of those runs about 6 or 7 miles when I have time at the weekend)

Just in case you are wondering when to fit the running in, I normally get up around 6-6.30am, leave the little ones and husband in bed and jog off while the streets are only home to the refuse collectors and the dog walkers best slimming pills.

Just for a week, I will also be cutting out most tea and coffee ( except the religion of the first one of the day ) and replacing with gallons of water.

Fabulous! I feel better already now I just have to do it!

Good luck and see you back here in 7 days to report on progress.