Amber teething necklaces- do they work?Amber teething necklaces and whether or not they work is a question many parents find themselves asking. Once baby is in the throes of teething and sleep seems like a distant memory, it’s natural to want to try and find new ways to soothe and restore calm. Over the counter remedies are often effective, but not all parents are comfortable with administering medicine, and some babies are not receptive either. So amber teething necklaces are often recommended as a safe and natural way to deal with the pain and discomfort. But do they work?

There are, of course, two sides to this argument. Many believe that the power of amber has been well documented for a reason, and there are many sites that explore the benefits of wearing amber teething necklaces. And when asked whether they work, some will say YES! The belief is that the amber has strong healing and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe baby’s cheeks and gums during teething. And not only is the belief that amber teething necklaces work to relieve these painful symptoms, but it’s said that they can also help with eczema, ear and throat infections and wound healing too.

On the other side of the argument, some parents believe that amber teething necklaces do not offer any relief at all. When you buy, it’s important to ensure you’re getting genuine baltic amber- certificates are often issued for genuine amber, so make sure you ask before you part with cash. Arguments also abound that amber teething necklaces are also not safe to be used.

Amber teething necklaces- do they work?

Amber teething necklaces are not designed to be chewed by babies. The ‘stones’ are very lightweight and the necklaces are not always made to the same standard as our teething necklaces that mums wear. So while our necklaces are safe for baby to pull and chew on, amber teething necklaces are not suitable for this. But how to stop baby from pulling on the necklace? Most curious babies are going to want to play with them, and this is why many parents tend to steer clear of amber teething necklaces. The question ‘do they work?’ is often dismissed over safety concerns. If you do choose to use amber teething necklaces, baby should be supervised at all times, and should never sleep in them. It’s believed that the amber helps to soothe simply by being close to the skin, so the necklace could actually be worn around the ankle instead.

The fact remains that the issue of amber teething necklaces and the questions surrounding whether or not they work will always be cause for debate. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to read up and research as much as you can before you buy. If you prefer a safer option, you can rest assured that our teething necklaces are 100% safe for baby to pull and chomp on- and there is no debating the fact babies need to chew when they’re teething! And rather than one style of necklace, we have a range that will suit all personalities. After all, we don’t lose our sense of identity when we become a mother, do we? Instead, our teething necklaces help mums to maintain their sense of style whilst at the same time being very useful indeed!