Three reasons why September is most common birthday month in England | this is why

Did you know that officially, statistically, September is the most popular month of the year in the UK for babies to be born?

In fact, the actual most popular date is September 26th, so if that is YOUR birthday, consider yourself very popular!

We are currently in peak Baby shower season as the highest number of babies are born in late September and early October than any other time of the year. Baby showers have become huge in recent years and the buying of baby Shower gifts, a lovely way to pamper the mum-to-be and welcome the new baby into the world.

So why do we think this is peak season, and what exactly was going on nine-point five months (or 40 weeks) ago? he he!

  1. So let’s begin with Christmas and New Year celebrations. It’s highly likely that most of these babies were conceived over the festive period and during NY celebrations. Holiday times are understandable a popular time for conception when people are relaxing and away from work. The next most popular peak season is Spring, which correlates nicely to the Summer holiday season.
  2. The long dark nights, cold weather, and nothing on TV. Ok, we have Netflix now, but those long-drawn-out nights and chilly evenings are still a thing and definitely add to the need to snuggle up under the duvet with a baby in mind.
  3. Calendar at the ready – It’s planned! You would not believe how many couples actually plan to have a September baby! With the common perception that children who are older in their year have a distinct advantage over those born later in the year, would-be parents try their utmost to conceive, with a September birth date in mind.


So, what do you think? Would you deliberately try for a September baby, or is it more likely your September baby is the result of a cosy date night in around the festive season? We’d love to hear from you