Children love being outside, it’s something in their nature. They want to get dirty and explore the world around them. The plus side is it exhausts them so they get a decent sleep & maybe even an early night!


1. Trips to farms are always a hit in this house, especially smaller ones where we can feed the animals. There’s one quite local to us that isn’t too expensive and we usually spend the whole day there, even if it’s not too warm!

children at farm


2. Nature Trails are another favourite. Packing a picnic and heading off into a forest seems like a great adventure for little people, with the chance to spot some new creatures and live like Robin Hood for the day! Climbing trees, digging for treasure, it all makes for an exciting day. You can even print off a list of goodies to search for, turning it into a treasure hunt. Pinterest have some great ideas for this.

Nature trail


3. If the sun is shining, there is no place better than on the beach. Brighton beach is our favourite. Splashing in the waves, fishing for crabs in rock pools, building sandcastles (if you’re lucky enough to find a place with sand rather than stones!) and getting plenty of sea air. The best way to finish it off is a trip to the pier and a couple of rides, followed by some fresh fish and chips.

Children at the beach

4. Water fights & paddling pools seem to keep kids entertained for hours on end! Although I think it’s a general thing that they need to come inside the second they’re soaked, so stock up on towels and throw them around everywhere just to be safe!


5. My kids love gardening, stick them outside with some mini shovels and seeds and they’re happy for hours! There is a tendency to over water the flowers, but that’s because they seem to love watering cans so much! Grandparents seem to be so clued up on all the free outdoor activities, maybe it’s time we were too.


Gardening for children

Being outdoors is great, providing wholesome and healthy activities for your little lovelies to get their quota of vitamin D.

ps – Don’t forget the picnic and bring the teddies too 

Picnic ideas