White hamper gift baskets are currently a bit of a trend and are particularly the use of all-white clothing for babies under one. Some parents go all the way with white and create the whole ‘White nursery experience for their little one’s room.

At Mama Jewels, we carefully have curated a new ‘white baby hamper basket‘ full of lovely pampering goodies for parents and babies. It contains a soft, Alice the white bunny cuddly toy that rattles; a silicone and wood teething ring for baby; a jar of wonderfully soothing Bump and Baby Balm, a godsend for chapped hands, dry skin and minor scrapes; two mini lavender heart bath bombs to make a relaxing bath time treat and a jar of hemp and avocado oil lip butter to soothe dry lips. It’s a wonderful treat for you and your baby, but here are seven reasons why it also makes a good gift;

white baby hamper basket

  • Sometimes you don’t know whether it will be a boy or a girl but also many parents like to use gender-neutral colours. With the white hamper, it will always be appreciated and toys can be passed onto siblings.
  • Interestingly, newborn babies only see in black and white, with shades of grey they don’t develop their colour vision until around four months old. Although colourful toys look great, baby won’t notice.
  • Dads enjoy pampering too and nothing here is too pink for Dad to use.
  • Many parents use babies first toy as a keepsake. With the white hamper, everything will remain a design classic and fit into any interior.
  • White makes it easier to spot dirt, so you can ensure that everything stays squeaky clean for babies’ developing immune systems.
  • Everything in the white hamper makes a lovely new baby gift, but it is also suitable as a gift for Christenings.
  • With all of the attention on baby, mum can end up feeling a little left out. With the white hamper, there are gifts for both.

Backed by respected pediatricians, they believe that white garments are ideal for our babies until the day they turn one, as it’s clean and cool to the baby’s skin. There is something about wearing white that makes babies look clean. Aside from that, it leaves them feeling fresh, too.

If you are planning to send this hamper as a direct gift, we can add a personalised gift message free of charge, so that you can pass on some words of wisdom or let them know just how excited you are. There is a card for every occasion and message available for FREE from the drop-down menu.

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