Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make you warmer than usual. Increased blood supply to your skin can make you feel a bit sweatier than normal as well. It can be very uncomfortable, especially in the warm weather. It’s important to take care of yourself. Here are some great ways to stay cool.


  • Wearing loose clothing | natural fibres

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Cool baths

  • Water spray in a bottle, with a little lavender essential oil

  • Eating water-rich foods, fruit and vegetables will keep you hydrated

  • Cool wet flannels in your forehead and the back of the neck work a treat.

  • Keep your room cool, close curtains, open windows and create a breeze with an electric fan.

  • Rest, relax, and pamper yourself, and take it easy.

Wearing loose clothing made of natural fibres can help. Natural fabrics such as cotton are more breathable than synthetic fibres and will wick away perspiration.

Drink plenty of water. If you find it boring, there are many healthy recipes for making water more exciting, for example, by adding slices of lemon, cucumber and mint or watermelon.

There are others ways to use water to keep you cool. Having a cool bath (lukewarm), or keeping a small spray bottle of water on you to spritz yourself can help you keep cool. Swimming is another good way to keep cool and a nice way to get some gentle exercise at the same time.

Eating water-bearing foods can help you cool down. Cucumber, watermelon, peaches, apples, and mangoes all have high water content and can help you feel cooler, especially if you keep them in the fridge. In fact, fruit is one of the foods most craved during pregnancy.

A cool, wet flannel on the back of your neck or forehead is a good way of feeling cooler quickly. Placing your wrists under cold running water can help too.

Keep rooms cool, especially the room where you sleep at night. This might mean closing the curtains to keep the sun out on hot days. Electric fans can also help.

Avoid over-exerting yourself during hot weather. In fact, having a siesta during the hottest part of the day is a good way to rest and stay cool. It is better to be active during the cooler parts of the day such as early morning and evening.