Jewellery comes in many types, shapes and sizes. Necklaces in particular are available in so many styles that it is possible to find one for every occasion and person. A common type of necklace for breastfeeding mums is the nursing necklace or teething necklace.

Simply put, this type of necklace is one that is designed to capture the attention of an infant while it nurses. Infants begin to become more aware of their surroundings between the ages of three and four months. They want to occupy their hands while nursing and do so by poking, pinching, scratching or poking the mother. This can be quite a nuisance and cause added strain to the breastfeeding relationship.

A recommended way to resolve the issue to ensure that the breastfeeding relationship between the mother and child isn’t terminated unnecessarily is to purchase a necklace specifically for this purpose. It should be strong enough not to break with excessive pulling and yanking. The necklace itself shouldn’t hurt the mother when pulled. Many times it is ideal to put a brightly coloured charm on it to attract the baby’s attention. This eliminates the annoying habits that are discouraging and frustrating for breastfeeding mothers.

They also make great and unique gifts for expectant mothers who intend to breastfeed their infants. Many times these things don’t cross her mind as a necessary item during pregnancy. Giving one as a gift will show that you really took the time to consider her needs and understand the importance of a strong breastfeeding relationship.