Amber teething jewellery has become very popular among parents over the last few years. While some feel it is a bit hippy others are suggesting it as a great natural way to calm a teething baby.

Adult amber necklace and bracelets can come in many designs too and are said to have calming properties for mum too. With the teething necklaces that little ones can where there is a great choice from vibrant amber to raw amber which is a bigger piece of Amber that is said to have bigger healing qualities then chips. Most parents tend to go for a simple smooth chip bracelet or necklace that can be easily removed. If you are worried about your child wearing a necklace an amber anklet is a great alternative.

Whilst there isn’t any ‘solid’ based evidence to how these work a lot of parents use them. I found the necklaces by word of mouth and lots of online suggestions. I love the thinking behind precious stones and their ability to be useful for many different reasons. The reason why amber is said to be so effective is that there is a natural pain reliever called ‘succinic acid’ in the resin. It is said to ease pain by soothing the nervous system. Because it is a natural by product no known side effects have been reported.

Teething jewellery is meant to be worn against the skin and after a time need to be ‘recharged’ – placing the necklace in bright sunshine is said to renew the healing qualities.

So with benefits for mum and baby Amber jewellery can be a popular alternative to over the counter medicines as well as looking stylish for mum. In terms of whether they work, well like many parents I wouldn’t take mine off my child because teething as felt that bit easier.

Have you thought about using a amber teething necklace or bracelet for your baby? We would love to know how they have worked for you.