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Happy Friday again and isn’t the weather different from last Friday, where has the sun gone?
Thanks to all of our customers for supporting our small business and a special hello to new customers this week.

I’ve been trying to get a few days with the boys this week, but it’s been tricky. Most entrepreneurs I know went into business because they craved the flexibility that being a business owner can bring, although ask any business owner and they’ll probably tell you that they have less holiday and downtime than when they worked for someone else. Worklife and homelife mingle into one, although that does have its benefits when you have teenagers that ‘Need’ money and you can give them a few jobs to do to earn some cash!
For those of you Mum and Dad business owners with teeny little ones, keep your eyes on the prize; one day they’ll hopefully be able to help you out!

Shipping delays

You might not have given the incident in the Suez canal a second thought this week, but we are seriously breathing a sigh of relief, because we have raw materials on those trapped (but now freed) ships that we need and our suppliers need to make up the pampering items and jewelry that go inside our hampers. Well done to all those involved for playing your part in freeing the Evergiven, we are super grateful! Luckily no delay in Miffy bunnies arriving!


This week I’ve also been re-discovering Linkedin. As a small business owner, there are so many plates to spin and I’d definitely left this one in the cupboard for a while, but I’ve really enjoyed getting back in touch with work colleagues from back in the day when I had a ‘proper job’ lol (I was a QS and Project manager before starting MJ) and re-connecting with local business networking associates, particularly in Nottingham and Derby.
Do you use Linkedin for your small business?

I’ve recently found it particularly useful as we are selling many hampers to businesses and work colleagues for maternity leave gifts.
If you’d like to connect, here’s my profile,

Personal stuff

On a personal note, my brother and I have been writing a Eulogy for our Mum’s funeral next week. Trying to pull together all the lovely memories from family, friends as well as our own. How on earth do you sum up someone’s life on two sides of A4. It’s so hard.

The boys have got their suit jackets ready and we are planning on giving Nanny a super, but sad send-off. I’m sure it’ll be tough, but she’d love what we have planned and we know she’s safely in Heaven!

Cheers and have a super weekend everyone!

and the MJ team!


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