Spring is in the air!

Hey it’s Friday again! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely feeling like spring is in the air, the birds are singing and escape is on the horizon! I’ve even been planting seeds!

Have you been excited by the re-opening of shops, did you manage to get out? We managed a trip to a well known shoe shop to get the boys new school shoes, which involved over an hour queuing with impatient children, but it had to be done!

New developments

This week we’ve been developing a new ‘NEW MUMMY’ pamper hamper, a slightly larger box, with a few more goodies and luxuries for tired and worn-out new mummies. It’s not finished quite yet, but as soon as we have some photos, we’ll let you see it. We’ve had quite a few of you asking for an addition to our standard ‘New Mummy’ gift box and so we thought we’d try and make it easier for you and put a box together that includes the bits and bobs you’ve been asking to add! hope it helps 🙂

Thankfully the Miffy’s arrived this week from their sightly delayed trip along the SUEZ canal, so we’re fully stocked in all colours, and we have everything in stock in too!

Personalised gift ideas

If you’re looking for a cute personalised gift this week, you might want to consider our Liberty fabric bracelets. Handstamped with up to five initials, they make a lovely gift that can include the monogram initials of your children.

Starting from £21.95 they are gift-boxed, wrapped, and come with a personalised gift card too.



Personal stuff

On Wednesday this week, we laid my lovely Mum and the boys Nanny to rest. What I thought would be an incredibly sad day became rather wonderful as all our family plans came together beautifully. My Mum was a campervan fan and although she’d sold hers several years ago, my sister-in-law found an amazing company VW Funerals who used the most gorgeous little silver camper ‘ERNIE’ to carry Mum’s beautiful seagrass casket the short distance to our village church. The sun shone, the service was amazing, and we all stood outside and sang as my friend played her guitar.

I had thought a COVID restricted funeral would be a disappointment to many, as they couldn’t attend, but the messages we received from those that watched the Livestream was really touching.

And don’t these boys look gorgeous? <3

The Duke of Edinburgh

Our thoughts and prayers are now with the Queen and her family as they lay the amazing Duke of Edinburgh to rest tomorrow. And indeed everyone who has recently lost precious loved ones. We wish them well for those sad days ahead, but also know there will be endless happy memories to cherish, just as we have of our Mum and Nanny.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend folks, and once again thank you so much for your support of our small business!