Running a business is not just about work

Crikey we are coming up to our 11th anniversary in business this year! we missed out on having a proper celebration for our tenth anniversary due to lockdown but we’re planning a little fizz soiree this year to celebrate such a fabulous milestone.

It’s usually when our anniversary comes around that the reality and rollercoaster of life in business are brought to the front of my mind. I have so much admiration for anyone who starts their own business, and who gives it a go, even if it doesn’t quite work out the first time. In particular, the first few years can be incredibly hard and draining on finances and it takes incredible commitment and tenacity.

This year we are planning to keep it local and invite a few local business owners to come along to our studio and have some socially distanced fizz. nibbles and networking. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone this year, especially after a whole year of networking on ZOOM!

In the Studio

We’ve noticed it’s been much quieter this week than usual, we think because the shops are now fully open. But that’s great for our friends with local businesses, that they are back up and running and it’s given us a chance to catch up on a few of the more mundane admin tasks of running the business.

It’s not all glamour and Instagram photos you know lol, in fact, we’ve gotten pretty down and dirty, stocktaking, clearing out the warehouse, filing, and catching up on the accounts. We are currently moving over to XERO and it’s been such a mammoth task reconciling and getting everything to tie up. We’re not quite there yet, but hoping and praying that this thing will eventually make life easier. I can honestly say, it’s not been my favourite ‘Running a business’ task. I think that can be confirmed as the biggest understatement of 2021!

Mama Jewels highlight of the week

This week we are bigging up our gorgeous Mum-to-be / New Mum pamper hampers. 100% vegan, cruelty-free with lots of lush and thoughtful pampering products that are completely safe for pregnancy and can go on to be used for newborn babies too!

Beautifully and ethically packaged, each box contains a personalised gift message and a lovely motivational card too! Just what a tired mummy to be / new mummy needs!

If you’re already a customer who has bought one of these as a gift, we’d love to hear your feedback which can be left on our Trustpilot page here 


Personal stuff

Putting work completely aside. Matt and I managed to escape to The Cotswolds for a lovely kid-free weekend away on the first weekend holiday lets were open. We had absolutely glorious weather, managed a proper walk, you know the type where you need a map and compass, followed by drinks and dinner out at the gastropub in Ilmington. I can’t recommend enough the luxury lodge we stayed in, in Ilmington, in fact, take a little look for yourself. The link is here
The lodge Ilmington

The lodge Ilmington

It was just what the doctor ordered after the stressful past few months and I was so grateful we’d got it booked for the weekend overnight stays once again became legal! My Mum would have loved this little place to stay and even more, the gorgeous boutique shops in Chipping Camden. We even picked up a little toy sheep in her honour!

So who dusted down their family Lazy Spa at the weekend? I fixed a puncture, waited 24 hours for it to heat up and then spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening turning into a wrinkly prune! Did you do something similar? We’ve also got our first family BBQ of the year organised this Sunday, but unfortunately, it’s looking slightly more wet and chilly, so I’m guessing we might all be putting a few indoor decorating jobs on the list.:-(


Have a great week and weekend and if you don’t already, come follow us on Instagram or Facebook and say hello