Best Baby Gifts for Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has begun! It is such a magical period- ‘tis the season to celebrate with loved ones spread holiday cheer and savour the little moments.

It is also that time of year when we look forward to giving wonderful presents to our families and friends (and we are excited about receiving our own gifts!)

If you have welcomed a brand new baby, or you have a pregnant spouse, friend or relative, then now is a great time to start shopping for the cutest baby gifts for Christmas.

Every new mum or mum-to-be will gladly appreciate a thoughtful gift for her little angel, or to help her unwind in her exhausted, sleep-deprived state.

In this blog post, we will recommend the best baby gifts for Christmas 2022.

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What are the best baby gifts for Christmas for pregnant mums and new mums?

pregnant woman Christmas

Here at Mama Jewels, we know all too well that pregnancy, giving birth, and adjusting to life with a newborn can be an overwhelming time. That new mum may not even have time to shower for 10 minutes, because there is a crying baby who needs feeding or changing.

That is why we have curated our own line of stunning gift hampers, to help that new mum or mummy-to-be feel pampered in the comfort of her own home.

Browse our gift hampers here– we have so many for you to choose from, so there is something for everyone!

From Spa Wellness Gift Hampers to New Mum Pamper Hampers and Luxury Gift Hampers, these beautiful hampers contain a variety of relaxation treats. The mummy-to-be or new mum will absolutely love unwinding with our self-care essentials, which will invoke a feeling of wellness after a long day.

We also offer Pregnancy Gift Hampers, which would make the perfect Christmas gift for any expectant mum. These delightful treat boxes come with helpful products to help combat the difficult symptoms of pregnancy- such as dry, itchy skin, swollen hands, puffy feet, facial breakouts and lack of sleep.

If you are long-distance and you don’t have the means to bring a gift hamper to the house of the mummy-to-be or new mum in your life, then look no further. We also offer a lovely range of Letterbox Gift Boxes, which are posted directly to the front door of your loved one!

Starting from only £9.95, our Letterbox Gift Boxes are super affordable. They are designed to help the mum-to-be or new mum recreate a spa session and enjoy the bliss and comfort that our letterbox goodies offer.

If you are looking for a festive gift hamper to surprise a mum-to-be this Christmas, why not opt for our Mum To Be Pamper Hamper Gift Box in white or red?

To get more inspiration, browse our Christmas gift ideas on our website here. Or, read our blog article on ‘Must Have Gifts for a New Mum’.

Christmas baby

What are the best baby gifts for Christmas for a baby?

Your baby may be too young to remember Christmas, but we at Mama Jewels believe it is never too early to include your little one in the festivities.

Christmas is all about love, family, and giving to others- so gifting your baby their first Christmas present will be the first of a lifelong tradition.

Here at Mama Jewels, we have come up with a handy Christmas gift idea guide, to help you find the best baby gifts for Christmas.

Click here to browse our Christmas gift ideas on our website and find the right present for your baby.

If you are searching for a Christmas present for a newborn baby, we recommend our Christmas New Baby Gift Box. This gift set includes a gorgeous cotton knitted white bunny rabbit (which is suitable from birth), as well as a bib and an organic baby and bump balm, which can be used on both the new mum and her little one.

Available in monochrome and red stars patterns, this gift box comes beautifully packed in eco-crinkle, with a coordinating polka dot ribbon and a personalised gift card.

Another excellent Christmas present is our Christmas Mum and Baby Gift Hamper. Available in monochrome, red stars and tartan, this hamper is filled with gorgeous treats that will help a new mum get through the early stages of feeding and onto the troublesome teething months.

This hamper includes lovely skincare and bath products, a cotton tartan bib, a soft toy rabbit (suitable from birth), a snowflake teething toy, a paper flower and a personalised message card.

This lovely Christmas present comes in a reusable kraft gift box, which would make a fabulous memory box, complete with a coordinating polka dot ribbon.

To browse more baby gifts for Christmas, click here to see our Just for Baby Gift Boxes. Or, read our blog article on ‘Gifts to include in a Baby Hamper in 2022’.

What are some baby essentials that you can gift to first-time parents?

Baby christmas outfit

Every first-time parent has so much to think about: they are welcoming a brand-new human into their lives, so it is a tremendously exciting yet daunting time.

Maybe those expectant parents haven’t had much time to shop for every single baby essential; or perhaps they may need a bit of TLC themselves, to help ease their nerves.

If you want to surprise the expectant parents in your life this Christmas with a thoughtful gift, let us at Mama Jewels help you out with our recommendations:

Our beautiful selection of crocheted, knitted and fabric baby toys make the perfect fun friend for the new baby. Suitable from birth, our soft toys are excellent for the baby to play with and chomp on during those troublesome teething times.

At Mama Jewels, we understand that self-care is essential for new dads to stay mentally refreshed, as they help care for a new baby and a tired, postpartum mum.

That is why we are proud to offer fantastic gifts for first-time fathers.

Why not treat the new dad in your life to one of our New Dad Survival Kits, to help him navigate both the joys and challenges of first-time fatherhood?

What Christmas gifts should you NOT give to a baby?

The best baby gifts for Christmas are safe and suitable for a baby to use from birth onwards.

Follow our tips below when gift-hunting for a baby:

  • When buying baby toys, remember to check the age it is suitable for. A toy that is suitable for a 3-year-old may be a choking hazard for a newborn.
  • When buying baby clothes, remember that children grow out of them much quicker than you realise. Size up the clothes so that the baby can get more use out of them.
  • If you are gifting a baby a second-hand item (e.g. a car seat), then check that this is still functioning properly, as used items may be unsafe for a baby.
  • If you are shopping for gifts for a toddler, try to stay away from messy art supplies like paints, glitter, and play dough. Wait a few years, so your child can engage in messy play, without destroying the carpet or getting glitter in their eyes or mouth.
  • Avoid gifting your daughter play makeup for a few years unless you want nail polish spillages and lipstick scribbles on your walls!
  • Avoid gifting a newborn baby a thick blanket. Children under 12 months should not be sleeping under a heavy-duty blanket, because it puts them at risk of accidental suffocation.
baby in santa outfit

What Christmas traditions can I do with my baby?

  • You can’t have Christmas without matching pyjamas. So, buy a festive set of pyjamas for the whole family and a matching onesie for your little angel- it makes for the most adorable photoshoot!
  • Send a family Christmas card. Your loved ones will treasure it for years to come.
  • Give your baby a Christmas gift– yes, they will be too young to remember it, but that doesn’t mean the tradition can’t start now!
family Christmas
  • Read Christmas stories to your baby.
  • Take your baby to meet Santa Claus at your local shopping centre or grotto.
  • Take lots of pictures and videos. Children grow quickly- so you won’t regret having a camera roll full of photos of the baby’s first Christmas.
  • Decorate your baby’s nursery with Christmas decorations. You can hang tinsel or ornaments in the room to add a bit of sparkle- but always keep these away from your baby’s cot, as any dangling cords are a strangulation hazard for infants.
  • Hang your baby’s first stocking on the fireplace.
  • Create an ornament to remember the baby’s first Christmas- complete with their handprint or footprint. You can frame it or hang it on your Christmas tree!
  • If you have older children, don’t forget to involve them. They may be feeling jealous or left out because of all the attention the new baby is getting. If you give the older children presents and tell them that these gifts are from the new baby- that should hopefully make them appreciate the new baby a bit more!
Family christmas tree

There you have it- we hope you enjoyed reading about our recommendations for the best baby gifts for Christmas.

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