We really don’t like to show off, (I’m an introvert) but last year Mother and baby readers voted our Teething necklaces the BEST in the UK after sampling several of the top UK teething necklace sellers. Mama Jewels was given 4.5 stars out of 5 for style, quality and safety.

Safety is our priority which is why when we first came up with our design principals in 2009, we had them officially tested at a UK test house, and they passed with flying colours. We haven’t actually seen another UK company that has done this.

We have lots of fabulous testimonials here on our website, but if you really want honest, unfiltered opinions check out the Mama Jewels Facebook reviews here.

When we first started Mama Jewels in 2009, Teething necklaces weren’t even a thing. Our beautiful, safe baby-proof jewellery designs were known as Nursing or Breastfeeding necklaces and it wasn’t really until around 2011 that teething necklaces were sold in the UK.

So how can we convince you that we have the best Teething necklaces for mums in the UK?

  • Firstly, we make all of our jewellery here in the UK. Our quality control is UK based and we check every item before it leaves our workshop and is delivered to your door.



  • We create designs that you won’t see anywhere else. You may have noticed that the Mum and Baby world now seems to be be full of brightly colours hexagonal silicone beads? We have so much more on offer and particularly cater for lovers of more delicate jewellery. Only last week I was with a mum friend who bought a Mama jewels necklace 6 years ago and she was still wearing it! We really aim to be the best teething necklaces for Mums in the UK.





  • We create designs that are adjustable and can be worn at different lengths and styles. By using slip knots on the baby-proof cord. Pop clasps used by other companies after been known to get misshapen when chewed by little mouths, which results in them no longer being able to close. We have our own unique toggle clasps or we use slide knots.







  • Our packaging is 99.9% plastic free (only the tiny tag that connects product to label is plastic and were currently sourcing a plastic free option)


  • We bring out a constant stream of new designs and collections several times per year.
  • Our customers return time and time again, buying for them selves and buying for friends and family. here are some of their lovely testimonials here.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call on +44 07720890552 or email hello@mamajewels.co.uk 



CEO Mama Jewels