Easter Bonnet for Boys – Ozzie style!

My son is now five and in Reception class where they still do the Easter Bonnet parade. Whilst still wanting to take part he is becoming very aware of his BOY status and increasingly wary of PINK!

The challenge – to create an Easter Bonnet for a Boys Boy – ‘Mum it has to look cool’ he said!

The first thing I did was to check out my own hat stash and picked out a superb straw sunhat that I’d had in my pre-children beach babe days. Slightly cowboy in style I pulled the brim out a bit and started to think ‘Ozzie cork hat’

I then rememebered from a freind that most £1 shops tend to have a lot of easter crafty stuff at this time of year, so with Toddler (two) and baby (4 weeks) I set off on a mission to find what I needed and this is what I bought;

Green grass / straw

Plastic bright coloured egg shapes – avoiding pink

Little Chicks in baskets

Mini crafting pegs

Green cotton

Cheap pair of gold 70’s style sunglasses.

I finally managed to get my five year old to turn off his Wii with the threat of him having no hat to take and we arranged the green straw around the brim of the hat and on the top.

Using the green cotton we sewed the straw onto the hat.  The reason I chose to sew them on rather than glue was so that we can use the hat again for another use, or if I get my beach babe figure back one day I may wear it again!

I then attached the coloured eggs with cotton onto the brim of the hat, hanging them around like corks on an ‘Ozzie style sunhat’ We did this by punching the needle through the top of the eggs, although some of them already had holes in them.

Cool Easter Bonnet for Boys!

Cool Easter Bonnet for Boys!To give it more Easter appeal we arranged the baskets of chicks on the top and around the brim and again sewed them on using the cotton thread.

The final touches were to add the Sunglasses to the front to make it look ‘Cool’, which we also sewed onto the hat and then added little craft pegs to make it look as though everything was just pegged on (optional)

I have to say that he loved it and so did his freinds and Teachers – I think there will be a few in the playground next year!

Cool Easter Bonnet for Boys!