Blue Monday tips for lifting your mood

Did you wake up with that sinking feeling? I got to be honest, I actually did, but I’m going to try and overcompensate and force myself out of it!

But just for fun, I’m head to toe in blue today!!


Today, January 20th, is so-called Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year. While experts do not believe in this day, they are still willing to give some tips on making sure you stay happy today. “There is no scientific evidence for the existence of a day like Blue Monday,” psychologist Jean-Pierre van de Ven of MIND Korrelatie said to Hart van Nederland. “The term was invented by a psychologist, commissioned by a travel agency that wanted to sell more sun vacations. It is purely a marketing term that spread like a virus.”

Positivity expert Mark Verhees of company Voor Positiviteit said the same to De Gelderlander. “There are negative things in every day and it is always a challenge to see what is positive in a day. It is not up to someone else to decide what kind of day it is for you, right?” He called it a pity that “Blue Monday” is a thing. “In general, what you pay attention to grows. His message is: don’t be fooled. That it is Blue Monday does not mean that it is the most depressing day for you personally?”

Top tips

1. Do some exercise

2. Write down three super positive things you are thankful for

3. Listen to your favourite music and even dance ( if you can around the office!)

4. Tell a friend you are feeling blue and ask them how they are feeling.

5. Feel the positive. It’s freezing cold out there, but actually, the sun is shining and spring isn’t that far away in reality.

6. Know you are loved – It’s really true! Have a great Blue Monday!!


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