BOLA Chime Necklace for Pregnancy

Every mother wants the best for their child, even when that child has not yet been born. Studies show that babies respond to stimuli outside of the womb and that certain things, like classic music or being read to, help influence their development prior to birth. Another thing that can help soothe and develop a growing baby is the BOLA Musical Pregnancy Pendant.

The BOLA Pregnancy Pendant is designed to hang down from around the neck and rest right on the swell of a woman’s belly. Whenever the mother walks around or moves, the pendant creates a soft chiming noise. A baby around 20 weeks or older is able to hear the noise from outside of the womb and is comforted by the sound. The BOLA chime necklace will also signal movement from inside the womb, so the mother and the rest of the family will be able to hear the baby moving around. After the baby is born, he will still find comfort in the sound of the chime, which will make him feel safe and connected to his mother.

The BOLA pendant comes in many different colors and styles, so each woman can find the one that best suits her personal tastes. The necklace is worn on an unbreakable cotton cord, which is adjustable so the woman can wear the necklace comfortably.

The BOLA Pregnancy Pendant is a must have accessory for all expecting mothers. It is a stylish way to form a lasting bond between mother and child.