When you’re pregnant and you imagine breastfeeding your baby, quite often you can have your rose tinted spectacles firmly planted on your nose. And why not? Breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience for you and baby, and there are so many emotional and physical benefits too. Lots of women, before baby is born, are undecided about how they will feed their baby, but after the journey of pregnancy ends and baby arrives, many realise that there really is no alternative. Breastfeeding is natural and the pull to nourish, cuddle and protect can be strong. The realities however, can be vastly different for some. Nobody tells you, for instance, about a baby’s need to grab whilst she feeds. Nobody tells you that some babies seem to need to be attached to the breast for what seems like 24 hours a day. Nobody tells you that babywearing might be the only way you get to get anything done at all. And yes, you can breastfeed while baby is in the sling! Makes sense then that a breastfeeding and babywearing necklace might be the one baby essential you’re missing right now!

Little hands need to be kept occupied. For many mums, this means pulling on clothes (ouch! Poor expensive sweater!) or skin (ouch! Poor breast! Must cut those nails again…) or hair (just ouch!) and the experience can really make feeds a whole lot less enjoyable! A breastfeeding necklace can save the day, luckily. Made to withstand even the strongest of baby grips, breastfeeding necklaces are designed to be pulled, grabbed, twisted and even chewed. Their purpose, alongside looking great on you, is to be that piece of sweater, handful of skin and clutch of hair. The breastfeeding necklace is there to distract baby from grabbing and pulling on you. Hooray!

And if baby is in the sling, the breastfeeding necklace becomes babywearing friendly. Lots of babies with busy hands find babywearing the ideal opportunity to grab, scratch and pull at whatever is closest to them- and sorry mum, that is usually you! Now imagine the baby who is breastfeeding as you multi-task with babywearing… that baby is going to really need to grab! The breastfeeding, babywearing friendly necklace has really been designed with you in mind. Give baby something bright and beautiful to grab, instead of soft and fleshy. Give her a breastfeeding necklace that is strong and durable, and made with love. Give her a breastfeeding necklace to pull, tug, twist and scratch. Goodness knows she needs it! And so do you.

Our breastfeeding and babywearing necklaces aren’t just for baby either. Each necklace has been designed to look good too, and there are styles to suit all personalities. So don’t fall into trap of believing you are wearing a necklace for your baby. It’s for you. So that you can feel like yourself, and you can breastfeed, babywear and carry your baby with busy hands- and do it in comfort and style! What are you waiting for? Our breastfeeding and babywearing necklace range was made with you in mind. So that your breastfeeding journey can be all that you imagined after all.