Can a Nursing Necklace be stylish?

Being a Mum doesn’t necessarily mean giving up style or other things you liked before the kids came along. On the other hand, some things just aren’t practical for motherhood. Jewellery is one of those “pre-motherhood” things that now sit gathering dust. It’s just not something you can wear while carrying a baby in your arms.

Isabella Hot Pink Nursing necklaceOr is it? Nursing necklaces are designed just for this purpose. As your baby grows, he becomes more aware and interested in the world around him. This especially includes anything immediately within reach. Generally, this means you. If you are breastfeeding, this means more time spent with your child pulling, grabbing, pinching, or poking you. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can even hurt!

A necklace gives something for your baby to grab on to, giving him an alternative to grabbing hold of you. They are “kid-tested,” meaning that they are safe for children. They are strong enough not to break when pulled and are free from chemicals or other harmful substances. This is great since a huge part of your baby’s discovery process involves putting things in his mouth!

These necklaces are designed with your child in mind, but they also have a woman’s touch, as well. Being a mum doesn’t mean throwing away your sense of style. It really is possible to have both! The necklaces may be kid-tested, but they are so stylish and gorgeous, no one will believe you got them for your baby! They really do give you the best of both worlds.