Can You Send Gift Boxes in the Mail?

Giving someone the gift of a gift box of thoughtful, beautiful items is a lovely gift to anyone. But there are things to consider before you start. First, you need great gift ideas to go inside the box, and if you’re sending it in the mail, you need to make sure you ship it correctly and safely so it doesn’t get damaged in transit.

Can you send gift boxes in the mail? Absolutely, as long as you pack it correctly.

In this article, we give some great advice on how to send your gift box safely. We also introduce some premade gift ideas from us at Mama Jewels. We are an independent gift box company that sells planet and vegan-friendly gifts for mums, dads, babies and wellness gifts for all.

Choosing the right gift

Choosing the right gift

Before delving into how to send a gift box to someone in the mail safely, you need some inspiration so your special someone feels appreciated, loved and happy, which is what you want when sending a gift.

Here are some great examples of what to send to different people in different scenarios, including new mummies, daddies, and newborns. Many of these examples are great for well-being gifts for everyone to create care packages.

Gifts for mum

Here are some gift ideas for mums; for birthdays, Mother’s Day, baby showers or pregnancy gifts, they’re guaranteed to love a gift box made up of these items.

  • Eye mask
  • Skincare
  • Essential oils
  • Bath products like bath bombs and bath salts
  • Tea bags and coffee
  • Lovely scented candle
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee

Gifts for dad

Don’t forget about the dad! Whether you’re buying a gift for a brand new daddy to let him know he’s doing a great job or as a Father’s Day or birthday gift, here are some examples of items you could put inside your gift box to create a gorgeous hamper that every daddy will adore.

  • Snacks like popcorn and chocolate
  • coffee
  • Men’s soaps
  • Best daddy accessories like keyrings
  • Hand cream
  • A story to help them bond with their new baby (for new daddies)
  • A personalised message

Gifts for a newborn

It can be tricky when choosing gifts for a newborn hamper as you want to ensure the items you choose are suitable. New parents prefer practical or sentimental gifts they can use or keep for their baby when they’re older. You can either select products, especially for a baby boy hamper, a baby girl hamper or a unisex hamper.

The last thing a parent needs is a gift collecting dust in the corner of the room that they don’t know what to do with. So, what are good gifts for newborns? Here are some cute examples of gifts that we know parents love for their newborn.

  • Muslins and swaddles
  • Soft toy
  • Blanket
  • Baby skincare
  • Massage oils
  • Soaps
  • Teething toys
  • Bibs

It’s essential to be aware that when buying skincare products for a baby, you must choose natural and acceptable products to use on a baby’s sensitive skin. Many parents turn to vegan, natural products as more parents are becoming aware of the harsh chemicals in some baby skincare brands.

Avoid potentially harmful chemicals in baby skincare products, and always check the labels. Don’t assume that just because it’s for babies, it doesn’t contain any nasties like sulphates and phthalates.  

At Mama Jewels, we stock the most delectable range of vegan-approved skin and body care for bumps and babies, including balms, massage oils, soaps and even face masks for mummies, which make gorgeous gifts.

Gifts to avoid

Gifts to avoid

The most important thing to remember when choosing a gift for someone is that you want it to be personal, thoughtful, something they will use and put a smile on their face. The main things to avoid when putting together a gift box or hamper are:

  • Avoid using highly perfumed, highly toxic skincare products
  • Nothing too fragile
  • No perishable food items
  • Highly commercialised and mass-produced products

Instead, try to include:

  • Hand made products
  • Body products that use natural ingredients and essential oils
  • Gifts from independent retailers for a more personal touch
  • Planet-friendly gifts

What not to buy for a newborn

Newborns can be extremely hard to buy for, and you know they will be showered with gifts, so you want yours to be extra thoughtful and special. Here we have comprised a list of items that people often buy for a newborn that isn’t necessary and things to avoid. If you had your eye on something on this list, sorry to burst your bubble, but you might want to think again.

Nappy bin

These seem like good ideas in theory, but in practice, they are unrealistic. Nobody wants to keep smelly nappies in their house in any kind of bin, and most new parents regularly take them to the outside bin.  

Most new parents only use a nappy bin for the first few days; then, it’ll collect dust in the corner. A nappy bin doesn’t exactly scream elegance, beauty and love. As good as your intentions are, put the nappy bin back on the shelf.

Chemical-filled baby products

Always read the labels of any baby products you are buying. Don’t assume because it says it is suitable for babies that it contains no harsh chemicals. Using chemicals on a baby’s skin can cause irritation and conditions, which is not ideal for a beautiful, practical gift idea.

A baby food processor

Most people have a blender in their kitchen, and a baby food processor is the same thing, exact they are more expensive and tend to be smaller. A regular food processor will do a great job blending and pureeing food for babies during the weaning stage.

A baby-changing bag

Usually, parents get a baby changing bag as part of their travel system, so if they end up with more than one, they are likely to choose the one that matches their pram. Or, if they don’t choose a baby-changing bag for themselves, chances are they don’t want one.

Baby Shoes

When should a baby have their first pair of shoes? This is at the parent’s discretion, but babies don’t need shoes until they confidently walk around. Even though baby shoes are adorable and fun to look at, they are impractical and could go to waste.

Baby towels

Again, baby towels are cute but so unnecessary. Baby towels will likely get mixed up amongst regular household towels and are only used if convenient. New parents will quickly sift through the baby’s stuff to find what they need, and having unuseful gifts to store isn’t helpful.

Difficult to wash clothing

New parents are extremely busy and sleep-deprived, so make life easier for them and don’t gift their bundle of joy with difficult-to-wash or delicate clothing that is handwash only or needs special attention.

It is a lovely gesture to gift them with a beautiful, luxurious, handmade piece of clothing, but the chances are it’ll get dirty the first time the baby wears it and will get ruined. A busy parent doesn’t need the pressure of keeping expensive clothes pristine whilst learning to adapt to a new baby.

Assembling your gift box

Assembling your gift box

If you’re creating your own gift box out of a card or paper, here are instructions on how to do it. Follow these 10 instructions to create a miniature version of a gift box for practice or a small gift. Adjust the measurements to make a bigger gift box, and try multiplying by 2 or 3 to a medium or large box.

  1. First, start with a 12cm by 21cm square piece of paper in a colour of your choice.
  2. Make a mark at 7.14cm from the edge of all four sides and join the marks to create a square in the middle of the paper.
  3. Fold one side of your outer square inwards, along the inner square line and do the same on the opposite side.
  4. Open it up, and do the same by folding it inwards to the other two sides.
  5. Cut along the fold lines outside the inner box and fold the flaps to create a ‘H’ shape.
  6. Put glue on all the flaps and stick them together to create a cube shape with an open top, making the actual box. 
  7. For the lip, on another piece of coloured paper, create an 11.2cm by 11.2cm square.
  8. Mark 2cm from the edges again, as you did with the first box and draw an inner square.
  9. Fold along the inner square lines and cut flaps along the folded lines around the inner square. 
  10. Glue the flaps to create a lip and pop it on your box. Decorate with a bow, glitter or anything else you like!

Alternatively, you could use a wicker basket, some tissue paper and some cellophane if you don’t want to make the box yourself. It will look just as lovely and be equally effective.

Sending your gift box or hamper

So, you have selected lovely, thoughtful gifts, you’ve made your own gift box, purchased a wicker basket, and now you’re ready to send.

Choose the right gift box

If sending in the mail, the last thing you want is for your gift to arrive damaged. Make sure the outer packaging is robust. Pre-assembled gift boxes tend to be stronger than homemade ones, but if you’re making your own be sure to use strong cards. Wicker baskets are also a great alternative.

Assembling your gift box or hamper

Try not to include any fragile items or any bottles with lids that could leak all over everything. If you take the risk and pack fragile items, wrap them individually for extra protection and put something over bottle lids to stop them from leaking. Also, ensuring the items are packed in a way so they won’t move around too much will help your gift hamper stay intact.

Outer packaging

Protect your gift box when sending in the mail with outer packaging. Put it in a box slightly bigger than the hamper itself so it doesn’t move around. Use good, robust tape to secure the box closed to reduce the risk of anything falling out.

Have a look at our Mama Jewels website for some lovely gift ideals. You can purchase a pre-made hamper, delivered straight to your or your recipients door or choose to create your own using our beautiful products.