Create your own new mum hamper | in five easy steps

There are so many beautiful new mum and baby hampers available but don’t you always find that there is something in that box you know your loved one, friend or work colleague will never use? What you’d really like is to be able to easily put together a beautiful personalised hamper and arrange for it to be sent directly with as little hassle or fuss as possible. That’s certainly what we heard after listening to our recent customer feedback.

Create your own new mum hamper | in five easy steps

We totally get that dilemma, which is why we’ve recently introduced the NEW Mama Jewels ‘Curate your own’ gift box or hamper.

  1. Within the ‘Curate your own’ section in our online boutique, there are 3 size options and within each option, we give you a few ideas of what will fit inside the box.
  2. When you select your box size, there is then to option to select the colour accent which adds ribbon and co-ordinating flower to your box
  3. You then select from 12 different gift cards where you add your personalised message.
  4. There are then a series of drop-down menus, which allows you to select your chosen gifts and subtotals things at the bottom so that you can easily add or remove items dependant upon your budget.
  5. Finally, you add to cart and checkout.

Each eco box is filled with lovely eco kraft hamper fill, beautifully packed and then finished with a motivational card, paper flower in your chosen colour and polka dot paper insert which explains that the box has been carefully and lovingly curated for the recipient.

The box is then finished with a coordinating ribbon and packaged in an outer box with tissue paper and confetti. Absolutely perfect for a baby shower or new mum and baby surprise!

Everything that we usually put inside our hamper boxes is available and on top of that, there are other lovely gift items that are available across our gift store separately.

You can choose from:

  • Vegan Pampering products
  • Soft toys
  • Bibs and swaddles
  • Teething Jewellery
  • Teething Toys
  • Chocolate
  • Journals

It really is the easiest way to create a personalised hamper and there really is an option for all price ranges.