I’ve always been a great lover of exercise,  especially loving the challenge of running and the energised feeling and aching muscles after a long run, or challenging group workout. For me it’s the way I de stress; sometimes early in the morning or late in the evening after a day filled with work, school pick ups, homework and general tasks that every mum of little ones on the planet has to do every day.

I was chatting with a mum from school recently who is going through a very difficult time and had started running and she was explaining how good exercise made her feel; ‘It’s good for the soul’ she said and I couldn’t agree more.

Ironically excercise can often be the first thing to go when things get very busy, particularly around this busy time around Christmas

Several years ago when I started Mama Jewels, I was working 7 days a week and very often these were long day, just s to get things off the ground. One of the many things that was left by the wayside was exercise. I was so engrossed in making my business a success, that I felt that I just couldn’t allow myself the time off. The boys were still very little and so every minute off, I felt I must spend with them. I could feel the impact this was having on both my mind and body, but just ploughed on regardless, creating a vicious circle of working too hard and not resting (I must add that for me excercising is resting!)

Fortunately about 18 months into the craziness of the start up phase of Mama Jewels, a very good friend; who I was on holiday with at the time took me aside and told me how ill I looked. In all honesty I wasn’t surprised and I’m so grateful that she had the wisdom to let me know.

It was a turning point, a realisation that the business was for the long haul and this manic start up phase of working crazy hours could not last. I slowly began to get back into a routine of running again and now even manage a few group classes to burn of some steam each week.

These days, Monday nights are no longer spent putting the boys to bed and then starting work again. Instead it’s now one of my favourite times of the week. I join around 40, probably equally stressed ladies, punch and kick the living daylights out of our stressful days at a Body combat class; and come away feeling GREAT!!!!