As a Mum of three boys, aged 6 months, 2 years and five, and my experiences of Teething babies have involved red cheeks and sloppy nappies, drooling, Calpol, sleepless night and lots of chewing.

Let’s face it babies love to chew, in fact they will chew whatever they can get their hands on, and often things we don’t want them to; say hello to the Teething necklace, a specific silicone based necklace that is designed to sit around Mums neck like jewellery but that baby can chew on to relieve the symptoms of teething.

So do they work and are they worth it? I like the fact that they are always around your neck, rather than somewhere in the bottom of your bag covered in fluff :-#, I like the fact that they are eye-catching and can be washed and I really like the fact that there are so many companies making them that the choice is fantastic.

I think they are great value for money ( about £13.00 each ) and my babies have all chewed them to use for teething pain relief ( You can even heat them up or cool them like regualr Teethers) along with other things such as teething powders and Calpol.

The question is though, as a fairly fashion conscious mum, would I really want to wear one? Well we now have some fabulous designs at Mama Jewels and some Nursing necklaces too.

Do let me know what you think of them yourself