Stained Glass Window Eggs  – Hang this Easter Kid’s Craft in a window

This is a lovely simple and easy craft that you could use for craft events, parties or childrens’s church groups, suitable for 2 years and above with supervision – why not theme your Eggs for each child or group?

Here’s a craft that resembles a stained glass window when complete. This craft can be adapted for any holiday by changing the shape of the outline and the colors of tissue paper used. For Easter, use a cross or an egg shape: Here’s an egg (and bunny) shaped template you can print out, then reduce or enlarge from FamilyFun.

Tips and Hints: the size of the “window” should be proportional to the age of the child. A young child may “burn out” before he or she is finished with a large window cut out. My 12 year old was able to make a full sized sun catcher from a 9″x12″ sheet of construction paper. But a younger child will probably need a shape about 1/2 of a sheet of paper.

How to make Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Really does look like stained glass


Construction paper or thin coloured card

Glue or glue stick

Clear Contact Paper (WH Smith)


Hole punch

Suction cup hanger  (Craft shop)

Colored tissue torn into approx. 1″ pieces

1. Cut out an egg shape from the center of a piece of construction paper. Repeat, using the first sheet as a guide so the sheets are identical.
2. Cut out a piece of clear contact paper about an inch larger than the egg shape and attach it to one of the pieces of construction paper making a “window”.
3. Have an assortment of torn tissue paper ready to use in various colors.
4. Attach pieces of tissue paper to the sticky side of the “window” of the egg shape until it’s fully covered.
5. Using glue or a glue stick, glue down construction paper #2 to construction paper #1, lining up the eggs to match exactly. Be sure to glue right up to the edge of the egg shape. Allow to dry if using glue.
6. Cut another piece of contact paper a little larger than the egg shape and carefully press it down on top of the tissue covered egg to seal everything.
7. Trim around egg leaving about 1/2 inch of the construction paper for a border.
8. Punch a hole at the top of the egg and hang in a window.

Easter craft for kids