Entertaining the children through the Summer holidays

The school Summer holidays are upon us and the quest to entertain three lively children begins with hubby and I formulating a strategy, keeping them busy for the next 6 weeks.

One of the reasons I chose to work for myself was that I would have the flexibility to spend time with my children on my terms and with childcare costs for three children totting up to somewhere in the region of £100 for the day, mummy and daddy day care is our best option.

Now both running businesses we need to find that fine line between keeping the money rolling in and making the most of the Summer with the boys.

To be honest it would be all too easy to let them watch hours of mindless TV or lose days engrossed in tablet games whilst we work from home. There is the odd day that this happens, but generally we set out to make sure they get involved with as many fun packed activities as possible whilst trying to avoid spending a fortune.

With a few Summer holidays under our belts, our best strategy is to tag team alternate days of care whilst one of us works. As boring as it may sound, having this routine or plan at least helps me maintain my sanity over the six weeks and waking up each day with a schedule gives the boys some of the structure they need.

We have a holiday calendar that identifies who is having the boys each day and then trawl local magazines and events to try and allocate interesting options. Having a plan helps to get us all motivated before each day devolves into yet another PJ and TV day.

Local Surestart children’s centres organise some fantastic events over the summer and there are lots of ideas in magazines like family grapevine which won’t cost the earth!

Of course it’s important that we all get a holiday too and we generally organise two short holidays and a couple of weekends away visiting friends and family. This means that I’m not away from work for too long and it ensures that we both spend some real quality time all together as a family.

The flip side of this is that without a doubt we will be working in the evenings to catch up; the plan is to tire them out so much that they are fast asleep by 7pm to give us the evenings to work. Well here’s hoping…