gifts to include in a baby hamper in 2022

With Christmas just around the corner, the time is right to start gift hunting for your loved ones, to show them how much you appreciate them.

Are you wondering what gift you should get for your pregnant partner, relative or friend?

Or maybe you have been invited to a baby shower or gender reveal party, so you don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Well, what could be a more perfect gift than a baby hamper, to surprise the mum and make her even more excited about welcoming her bundle of joy?

A baby hamper is a really thoughtful gift for the pregnant mum which is sure to make her feel so touched.

We will outline below our recommendations for the best products to include in a baby hamper. 

What to include in a baby hamper?

At Mama Jewels, we sell a broad collection of gift hampers which are suitable for every occasion.

Shop all gift boxes and gift hampers on our website here.

We also sell corporate gift hampers and new dad gift hampers.

Gift hampers for pregnancy


Our pregnancy gift hampers are sure to bring a smile to the face of any pregnant mummy-to-be.

Whatever ailments your pregnant partner, friend, or relative is suffering from, our pregnancy gift hampers will help ease the burden.

Is the pregnant lady in your life struggling with a lack of sleep, an itchy tummy, facial breakouts, dry lips, or swollen hands or ankles?

Well, our eco-friendly pregnancy gift boxes contain items such as a baby and bump shea butter balm, which soothes dry and itchy skin. Amazingly, the balm can be used on the baby, to keep the little angel’s skin moisturised.

The gift boxes also come with natural hemp and avocado lip butter to soothe dry, flaky lips. This lip butter is also excellent for labour. Each gift box includes a paper peony in your chosen colour, which coordinates with the lip butter.

Choose the colour the mummy-to-be would love the most, or maybe if you know the gender of the unborn baby, you could choose the colour most suitable!

Each pregnancy gift hamper comes wrapped up in a beautiful coordinating ribbon-wrapped box, with a personalised gift card that can be posted directly to the mummy-to-be!

Gift hampers for the baby


For the new baby, we sell Just for Baby Gift Boxes. The reusable eco box contains a cute bunny rabbit, a 100% cotton baby bib and an organic shea butter baby and bumps balm. These gift boxes are all organic, natural, and vegan-friendly.

The gift is beautifully packed in eco-crinkle, then completed with coordinating polka dot ribbon, with a personalised gift card of your choice and your message. You can choose whether the baby bib is blue, green, grey, leopard, pink, or white.

Alternatively, you can opt for our eco-friendly baby gift box, which also contains Willsow plantable children’s storybook printed on paper containing real vegetable seeds. So the expectant parents and their child can read the story and then grow their own lettuce together!

Gift hampers for the mum


The new mum is sure to feel exhausted or overwhelmed with her new routine of providing round-the-clock care for her newborn. Her body will also be dealing with the repercussions of giving birth and she may be feeling irritable, anxious, or even depressed.

That is why we created our own line of care packages for those tired mums who need a dose of rest and relaxation.

Our new mum pamper hampers and spa wellness hampers will do just the trick. Each package contains different products to create a peaceful, mindful environment for the postpartum mum.

Her muscles will feel relaxed after a hot bath with our lavender oil aromatherapy bath bombs. She will feel calm and serene as she unwinds with our lavender self-heating eye mask and guided meditation music download. Her mind will be soothed as she settles down with a steaming mug of our Pukka organic nighttime tea.


Additionally, our Luxury Gift hampers contain a variety of special treats to help the new mum feel pampered in the comfort of her home. You can expect to find a whole host of self-care products in these gift hampers, such as:

  • a lavender aromatherapy bath and massage oil
  • lavender heart mini bath bombs
  • vegan baby and bump all over body balm
  • baby and bump sleepy lavender bath soap
  • lavender soy candle tin
  • Matcha green face mask
  • vegan avocado lip butter
  • Montezuma’s vegan chocolate bars
  • Mama journal with our exclusive Mama Jewels design

Gifts for mum and baby

Looking for a gift hamper for both the mum and the baby? Well, look no further.

Our Mum & baby gift boxes include a fun furry friend- choose from a dinosaur, bear, rabbit, deer, or leopard. You can also choose to include a teething toy, which will help soothe the baby’s gums as their teeth grow in.

You will also find lovely self-care gifts for mum, such as bath bombs, massage oil, lip butter, or a face mask.


Can I create my own baby hamper?

Yes, absolutely! At Mama Jewels, you can curate your own custom gift hamper for the newborn baby, for mum, or both!

You are the best person to decide what goes into a curated hamper. If you are creating a gift hamper for your expectant friend, you can add some pregnancy essentials that will come in handy that you know they will love.

Curating a present for a new mum? Add in baby toys or breastfeeding goodies into your personalised gift box hamper and she will be over the moon!

You don’t have to choose between great-looking gifts and those that will be useful for the receiver. Our curated hampers are perfect in both ways. Everything will be specially chosen for them.

Visit our website here to curate your own gift hamper and we will help you customise it to your preferences. You can add a free gift card with a gift message, and include items such as a Monogram organic onesie for the baby (0-3 months), pineapple teething toy, massage oil, baby soap, cotton muslin, engraved keyring for daddy, knitted toy, dribble bib, and more!

What other baby essentials can I include in a baby hamper?

Breastfeeding essentials


We sell breastfeeding gifts to help the new mum with the intimate moment of feeding her little one.

One of our most popular breastfeeding gifts is our natural swaddle wrap. This is a breastfeeding cover which provides privacy and comfort during feeding. The cover helps the baby concentrate better on breastfeeding, plus it can also be used for wrapping the baby to sleep.

We also sell an organic breastfeeding lactation tea made of natural herbs to help postpartum mums relax and unwind.

Additionally, our breastfeeding mini recipe book contains nourishing recipes to keep a breastfeeding mum full and energised. Good nutrition is hugely important for breastfeeding mums, as it supports the production of breast milk, which plays a pivotal role in the baby’s growth and development.

Read our article on ‘top 5 breastfeeding gifts’ on our blog here.

Baby teething gifts


At Mama Jewels, we have developed a stunning line of baby teething toys to help parents navigate the hardships of teething.

Our teethers, teething rings and teething jewellery will help ease the baby’s swollen gums and greatly reduce discomfort.

Babies become fussy and irritable when their teeth start to come in. They may wake up screaming in pain or struggle to fall asleep at night because their gums are sore, aching and inflamed.

So, our teething toys are helpful chewing aids that are safe for those tiny hands. Easy to clean and made without toxic chemicals, our teething products make an ideal addition to a baby hamper.

Read our article on ‘what is a teething bracelet’ on our blog here.


Gifts to NOT include in a baby hamper

  • You may not need to buy a baby dummy or pacifier, as there are some parents who are very adamant that they do not want their baby to use a dummy or pacifier.
  • Buy gender-neutral baby gifts if the expectant parents haven’t yet shared the baby’s gender.
  • Remember that a newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive, so any skincare or bath products should be free from toxic chemicals and should not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • There is no need to gift bedding items such as heavy blankets, pillows or duvets for a newborn; these put the baby at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so they should never be placed inside a cot or Moses basket.
  • If you are gifting a second-hand item, such as a car seat or pram, check that this is still safe, as used items may present a danger for a newborn baby.

We hope you now know the answer to the question ‘what gifts to include in a baby hamper?’

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