Introducing our guest designer Jodie Cresswell Waring owner of Bethink Arts

who has created our guest design on baby-proof jewellery for January 2013

One of our ambitions this year is to introduce some fresh blood into the design of our jewellery and we are aiming to bring one guest designer to you each month with a creation of their choosing.

Their brief was to create a baby proof piece of jewellery with all the qualities (strength tested.washable.non-toxic) that Mama Jewels offers to their customers but for them to create it to their taste and design a piece of jewellery that they would love to wear them selves. The Mama Jewels team would then take their design and create the real thing.

Thankfully we have a lot of extremely clever, talented and Arty friends and so for January 2013 we present to you our guest designer Jodie Cresswell – Waring owner of ‘Bethink Arts’

Jodie explains in her design board how she was inspires by the twinkling lights of the seaside pier at night with it’s contrast of warm and bright lights against a backdrop of a black pearly night.

Bethink Arts is independently owned by Jodie and offers the following services;

As an independent artist and creative educator I trade from my own company name ‘Bethink Arts’.
-Sessional Lecturing in Fine Arts
-Workshop Leader (bespoke: creative/education)
-Community Arts & Regeneration
-Mentor (Creative Industries)
-Curator ship Work
-Creative Consultation/Evaluation
-Marketing Design
-Events Coordination
-Art Commissions
-NOCN Assessor
-Gallery Concierge/Coordination services

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jodie, here necklace is selling well and she can be contacted via


Twitter @Bethink_arts

and her blog