How to Home Spa – having a mini spa day at home


Despite the long-awaited welcome re-opening of shops today, it seems like a long way off before we’ll be booking our spa retreats for a bit of R&R. Oh and for those of you with little tiny ones, that may be a long way off anyway. So if you’ve been lucky enough to receive our gift box, or you fancy a few hours to yourself, our vegan Spa box is absolutely gorgeous, has all the treats you need and is very reasonably priced at £27.95. So let’s dive in and find out how to make the most of it!

Spa wellness hamper gift box

Your Relaxation spa box natural vegan wellness | Green contains:

  • Matcha green tea antioxidant face mask 45g
  • Mint leaf natural lip balm
  • Lavender essential oil heart mini bath bombs
  • Lavender essential oil candle in a tin.
  • Personal message on gift card
  • Gift box
  • £27.95

Just for a bit of fun and let’s suppose you can get someone to take the kids out on a socially distanced walk for a couple of hours, we’ll show you how to use our mini spa box to relax. It’ll be great to get a break from the kids for 2 hours if you can, however, if you can’t, you could always lock the bathroom door!

Pop a chilled bottle of fizz in the fridge. This can be whatever you fancy and doesn’t need to be alcoholic. We recently found a lovely Elderflower and apple fizz in Aldi and it’s super nice with a slice of cucumber popped in the glass. Alternatively, you could make your own using this delicious recipe here

Instruct Alexa, Spotify or whatever app you use to play some chillout music, or get your old Cafe del mar CD’s ( Yes Cd’s) out and cast your mind back to those carefree days of sunshine, dancing and cocktails. I often find at the end of a day homeschooling I ask Alexa to play chillout and she hits the spot! Morcheeba is still a huge favourite. Here’s a great one for starters

Now to light your aromatherapy Lavender candle and place it in the room where you’ll be relaxing after your bath, but be careful to place it somewhere safe. If you haven’t managed to palm the kids off for the afternoon, then position on the window cill in your bathroom and get ready to lock the door.

Run a lovely deep bath and pop in one or two of your Lavender heart mini bath bombs. The aroma is so relaxing and because they are made using real essential oils and not just fragrance, they’ll really help you to relax.

Just before you settle down with your bath pillow, grab a teaspoon and small bowl or cup and get ready to prepare your Matcha face mask. This dry mask only needs a little water adding to a couple of teaspoons of the dry ingredients. Mix it thoroughly and watch the seeds come to life. Apply liberally to your cleanly scrubbed face, grab your book and relax in the bath.

Apply a liberal gloop of our NEW vegan mint lip balm and read away!


Our latest Mummy book recommendation is ‘No Dummy for Mummy’ by Sally Wilkes. It literally made me laugh and cry in the first two pages. It’s such an emotional, joyous and true representation of early parenthood. You’ll love it and it’s getting 5/5 on Goodreads!

Available here priced £10.00


and breathe and relax and enjoy…..

Don’t forget to repeat regularly lol if you can lol