Are you looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Or maybe you’re looking for an adorable baby gift basket for a newborn. Either way, this article guides you through finding or creating the ideal baby gift basket that shows the precious new addition how much you love them.

You want to give the gift of a baby basket that is sweet and memorable but also practical and helpful too. Here are some great ideas on how to fill a baby gift basket and some gorgeous premade baby hamper baskets by Mama Jewels.

Essential items for a baby gift basket

For the perfect baby gift basket, you want to ensure that the items included are adorable and practical and are things that a new mother will be thrilled to receive for her new baby. To fill a baby gift basket, include essentials such as:

Whilst these items are essentials for new babies, they come in beautiful designs to make the perfect gifts, and many are inexpensive.

Don’t forget to include things for the proud new parents too. Here is a list of some things that the new mummy might like:

  • natural balms and lotions
  • massage oils
  • bath bombs
  • face masks
  • lip butters
  • candles
  • teething necklace
  • chocolate and sweets.

For Daddy, here is a list of things that they might like:

  • snacks like popcorn and chocolate
  • coffee for those sleepless nights
  • awesome dad accessories
  • Hand soap and salve for changing all those nappies.

How to make a baby basket

Once you have selected some gorgeous gifts to go inside the basket, if you’re making it up yourself, you’ll need to learn how to put a baby gift basket together.

  • Choose a basket. Choose a basket of colour, like the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys, or choose a more neutral-toned basket. When choosing your basket, consider the size and durability of the basket to make sure it is big enough and can hold all of the items without breaking.
  • Gather decorative supplies. Be sure to pick up things like ribbon, tissue paper, wooden letters, bows, a card tag or plastic wrap. These bits and pieces make the baby gift basket look luxurious and beautiful.
  • Fill your basket. Line your basket with delicate material or tissue paper and arrange the gifts in a presentable way. You could also use a soft baby blanket to line the basket to give the basket a fluffy, plush feel.
  • Decorate the basket. You could wrap the handle with ribbon, apply bows, add a personalised gift tag, and include wooden letters to spell out the baby’s name. To finish, you could use plastic wrap to hold it all in.

Premade baby baskets vs DIY baby baskets

Making your own baby basket isn’t your only option. There are some gorgeous premade baby baskets out there that are filled with luxurious gifts and look professionally made with elegance. To help you decide whether you should create your own or buy premade, here are the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages of premade baby baskets

Premade baby baskets like Mama Jewel’s baby gift boxes come gift-ready, so you don’t need to do anything but choose your favourite one. These gift boxes are designed to pamper a baby in the right way.

Mama Jewels even offer personalised baby gift boxes, which are hand-crafted and adorned with the artisan touch, making them the perfect gift for a new baby. So, why choose pre-made?

  • Less time-consuming
  • Professionally made
  • Beautifully packaged
  • They’re often handmade
  • Something for a range of budgets
  • Many can be ordered online
  • Some are personalisable
  • Tried and tested

Advantages of DIY baby baskets

If you choose to create your own basket, it can take some time, thought and effort, but the results can be fantastic if you know what you’re doing. Here are some advantages to creating your own:

  • Personable
  • Can be enjoyable
  • Allows you to be creative
  • Spend as much or as little as you like
  • You choose everything from the gifts to the design.

Disadvantages of premade baby baskets

If you purchase a premade baby basket, choose the right one because there are plenty of choices, and you want to ensure the new baby gets a lovely treat.

Some disadvantages include the following:

  • Usually can’t choose the products in the basket
  • Can be expensive
  • Takes away the personal touch.

However, by choosing the perfect premade baby basket, you can decide on your budget, the basket with the ideal products inside and add the personal touch by selecting a baby hamper that can be personalised. These teething baby gift sets can be personalised with a gift card and decorated beautifully with a gift box, paper flower and ribbon.

On our Mama Jewels website, we stock a beautiful eco-friendly, vegan bunny gift box for babies that is ideal for any new baby. It includes a gorgeous cotton-knitted white bunny, 100% cotton baby bib, 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton swaddle, organic shea butter balm, Wilmslow plantable children’s storybook and a reusable white memory box.

This gift box is delightful and offers a unique touch with the plantable storybook so the baby can listen to a lovely story being read to them and plant the lettuce in the garden when they’re done with the book using the pages containing real vegetable seeds.

Why make your own when you can purchase a perfect premade present? Not only this, but Mama Jewels even offer an option to create your own box to give you a great balance of both chosen by you and premade

Disadvantages of DIY baby baskets

Choosing to make a DIY baby basket can be a big job, but the results can be tremendous and gratifying when you give it to the new arrival.

Here are some disadvantages to making your baby basket:

  • Time-consuming
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to choose the right products
  • Challenging to make it look professional and luxurious
  • It may not be eco-friendly if using many materials and plastic wrap.

How to make it personable

When choosing a premade gift basket or filling a baby basket yourself, make sure you add the personal touch so your receivers feel that you’ve put time and effort into thinking about them.

One way to make it personal for a baby boy is to choose a hamper with the traditional bouncing baby blue colour, or for a girl, choose a perfectly pink hamper. Or, consider the parents and what they might want, as some parents decide on neutral baby products regardless of the baby’s gender.

Adding a gift card or name tag is a great way to make the gift personable. Write a special note inside the hamper that the baby can keep, or write their name and date of birth.

About Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels create eco-friendly gift boxes designed to make the receiver special and pampered. They are made using vegan and all-natural products and materials, so you can feel confident that your purchase isn’t only beautiful and ethical.

As a British artisan gift company, we also ship worldwide and offer free UK-tracked shipping on orders over £50. We have been an award-winning, family-run business since 2009, and we’re proud of our luxurious gift boxes.

A final word

There are two options when giving the gift of a baby basket, you can either fill the baby basket yourself or purchase a premade one. If you buy a premade baby basket, you will get a beautiful, professionally-made gift from an experienced creator. If you are making your own, you will need time, effort and creativity.

Whichever option you choose, make sure the gift radiates joy so you can see the look on the faces of the new parents as you give their precious angel a beautiful gift.