Creating your own gift box or hamper is a lovely way to show someone that you care; everyone enjoys receiving a special gift like that. One of the most precious gifts you can ever give is a newborn gift or a new mummy and daddy care package to show how loved the new baby is and remind the tired, overwhelmed parents that they matter too.

Newborns bring joy to the people around them, and there is no better way than with a beautiful gift. Where do you start? Consider what a newborn needs and what they will make use of. The last thing you need is gifts in the corner. 

You want to get them something unique, useful and sentimental to make the baby and the proud new parents happy too. Adding personalisation is a great finishing touch to make the gift even more unique, and ensuring they’re handmade, vegan and environmentally friendly gifts adds some sophistication and elegance.

In this article, we discuss the top gifts for babies and new mummies and daddies, as well as how to hand-make the gift box to put them in. We also introduce ourselves at Mama Jewels and show you some of the lovely gifts we sell for precious babies and their parents.

Great gifts for a baby

Knowing what makes a good newborn gift can be tricky, but we’re here to help. When choosing a gift for a newborn, make sure it is safe, useful, beautifully designed, good quality, environmentally friendly and handmade for a personal touch. Then, you can put them into a lovely handmade gift box to make the most adorable gift.

Here are some excellent gift ideas for newborns that can be gathered together and placed into a beautiful baby hamper for a baby boy or a baby girl.

Muslins and swaddles

Muslins can be used as swaddles, and they’re helpful for all kinds of other things like wiping up little spills, as a burping cloth, a light blanket or a breastfeeding cover. Muslins and swaddles come in different designs and patterns, so choosing one worthy of a gift won’t be difficult.

Our swaddle wraps are made from bamboo and organic cotton in a large size, so they have many uses. Mama Jewels swaddle wraps come in different designs, including monochrome, mustard dots, natural leaf and pastel flowers.

Soft Toy

A baby can’t have too many soft and cuddling toys. Babies love to feel their soft fur and snuggle up to them as they get older. Cuddly toys act as a protector and comforter at night or out and about and have sentimental value.

Our soft toys are knitted and crocheted, designed with the utmost care and detail to enable and courage play. They are suitable from birth, making them the perfect newborn gift. Children of all ages adore the Miffy characters, so you can Children of all ages adore the Miffy characters to come.


Baby blankets are a lovely gift, particularly if they’re handmade. They’re soft and snuggling; parents love collecting blankets to wrap their little bundle of joy. Children often grow up with a favourite blanket so they can have sentimental value, too, alongside soft toys.

Baby skincare

Avoid potentially harmful chemicals in baby skincare products, and always check the labels. Don’t assume that just because it’s for babies, it doesn’t contain any nasties like sulphates and phthalates.

At Mama Jewels, we stock the most delectable range of vegan-approved skin and body care for bumps and babies, including balms, massage oils, soaps and even face masks for mummies, which make gorgeous gifts.

Baby and bump balm

Our baby and bump balm is a 100% natural blend of skin-nourishing butter and oils. It is specially formulated for babies to provide moisture and nourishment to skin needing a little TLC. The balm contains shea butter and almond oil for extra skin protection.

Massage oil

Our fabulous baby and bump massage oil will have your baby relaxed and dreaming in no time and is the perfect partner when used alongside baby massage techniques. Infused with lavender oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil makes, it a real treat on baby’s skin.


The organic lavender mum and baby soap are divine, and it is free from sodium lauryl sulphates, parabens, colourants and other nasties, making it ideal for sensitive baby skin. It contains lavender oil to calm babies during bathtime so they drift into a sound slumber.

Teething toys

When babies are teething, it can be highly uncomfortable for them. When a tooth breaks through the gums, they get the urge to bite things to ease the tension and help the tooth to come through.

Teething toys are excellent, helpful toys with many adorable designs. The teething toys on our website come in fun colours and shapes like pineapples, bunnies or snowflakes for Christmas. Make sure you choose a food-grade safe, silicone teething toy.


Newborns go through so many bibs, so new parents can never have too much. Bibs make a lovely gift because they come in beautiful designs that parents can match with their newborn’s outfit; they are durable, useful and cute too.

Our baby dribble bibs come in funky colours, are made with a cotton front and a fleece back, and are perfect for keeping babies’ clothes dry during their teething days. Our bibs are suitable from birth, making them the ideal newborn gift.

To be extra sure you’re buying the perfect gift for a precious little baby, look at our article, ‘What you should not buy for a newborn?’

Gifts for Mummy and Daddy

Don’t forget mummy and daddy when buying gifts for the precious new baby, to let them know that they’re important too and doing a great job. At Mama Jewels, we have a stunning range of mum and baby hampers and new dad gift hampers that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Gifts for Mummy

  • Eye mask
  • Skincare
  • Essential oils
  • Bath products like bath bombs
  • Tea bags and coffee
  • Lovely scented cand

Gifts for Daddy

Here are some great new daddy gifts to put inside your gift box.

  • Snacks like popcorn and chocolate
  • Drinks like coffee
  • Man soaps
  • Best daddy accessories like keyrings
  • A story to help them bond with their new baby.

How to make a gift box

Now you’re full of ideas on what to buy for the beautiful new baby and some ideas for the exhausted mummy and daddy; it’s time to learn how to put it all together in a beautiful gift box.

Follow these 10 instructions to create a miniature version of a gift box for practice or a small gift. Adjust the measurements to make a bigger gift box, and try multiplying by 2 or 3 to a medium or large box.

  1. First, start with a 12cm by 21cm square piece of paper in a colour of your choice.
  2. Make a mark at 7.14cm from the edge of all four sides and join the marks to create a square in the middle of the paper.
  3. Fold one side of your outer square inwards, along the inner square line and do the same on the opposite side.
  4. Open it up, and do the same by folding it inwards to the other two sides.
  5. Cut along the fold lines outside the inner box and fold the flaps to create a ‘H’ shape.
  6. Put glue on all the flaps and stick them together to create a cube shape with an open top, making the actual box. 
  7. For the lip, on another piece of coloured paper, create an 11.2cm by 11.2cm square.
  8. Mark 2cm from the edges again, as you did with the first box and draw an inner square.
  9. Fold along the inner square lines and cut flaps along the folded lines around the inner square. 
  10. Glue the flaps to create a lip and pop it on your box. Decorate with a bow, glitter or anything else you like!

Alternatively, you could use a wicker basket, some tissue paper and some cellophane if you don’t want to make the box yourself. It will look just as lovely and be equally effective.

About Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels is an independent gift box company selling planet and vegan-friendly artisan gifts and gift boxes for pregnancy, mums, babies and wellness for all. Whether you make your own baby bundle or buy one from us, we have many beautiful gifts available on our website that are high quality and made to last.