How Do You Pamper a Pregnant Woman

The magical journey of pregnancy can take a toll on the body and mind. You have probably found this blog as you are wondering, how do you pamper a pregnant woman? We think it’s important to cover all bases and take the time to consider what would benefit the expectant mother in your life the most. Whether it’s paying homage to something she loves or encouraging her to take some me-time, there are lots of ways that pampering can be achieved. At Mama Jewels, we are experts on the subject, so keep reading to learn our top tips!

How Do You Pamper a Pregnant Woman

Staying mentally and physically healthy is even more important when a lady is pregnant. Providing your pregnant loved one with ways that she can relax and unwind is therefore essential for a happy mother and baby. Whilst being pregnant is a wonderful time, it can result in lower levels of well-being for expectant mothers. With 1 in 4 expectant mothers saying they suffer from mental health problems such as stress and anxiety, the importance of encouraging some pamper time is clear.

This will not just keep mum happy, but also baby, with some of the benefits of a calm pregnant lady being:

Babies develop at a healthier rate if the expectant Mother is relaxed.

– There is less chance of high blood pressure being experienced during pregnancy which can cause issues such as preeclampsia, premature births, and low-infant birthweights.

– You will be more likely to have a calmer baby when they enter the world with elements such as sleep and self-soothing coming more naturally.

We think that perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that expectant and new Mums feel special when they are not likely to feel like their normal selves. Bringing a new life into the world is a truly amazing thing, and we believe that every Mother deserves to be made to feel like the superstar that they are.


Mama Jewels Top Five Ways to Pamper a Special Pregnant Lady

How Do You Pamper a Pregnant Woman

When considering how to give the gift of some relaxation time to an expectant mother, you may need to think a little bit outside the box. Our range takes that additional thought away as you can, quite literally, think in the box with our pregnancy gift hampers! As experts in all things concerning mums and their gorgeous bundles of joy, we have worked hard to provide a range of products that each relate to various ways that you pamper a pregnant woman.

1. Give a gift that will encourage the recipient to sit down and take some time for her

Giving the gift of time may sound cliché, but we guarantee it will be very well received. Especially in the later stage of pregnancy, it can be tough to encourage a soon-to-be mother to sit down, with 73% saying they experience nesting at his time. Whilst there is nothing wrong with staying busy and active, it is also important that time is spent resting as the baby can grow and develop further during these periods.

We think that resting is a brilliant form of pampering, so we recommend any gift that will encourage some downtime. You could go down the route of a soft blanket, a box of chocolates, or even a body-supporting pregnancy pillow which will encourage rest. We also love a candle, such as the lavender essential oils one that you can find in our Pregnancy Self-Care Wellness Box. This box, along with many others, also includes our Mama-to-be journal, which allows a pregnant woman to record all of her thoughts, feelings, and memories from her journey. Journalling is a proven method of reducing stress and avoiding burnout, so this is a lovely gift to give. It’s also got double benefits as an act of journalling is a pregnancy-approved pamper method that also lasts a lifetime thanks to the memories noted down within it.

2. Encourage some pregnancy-safe spa-time with natural products

Several spa treatments and beauty products are not safe to use during pregnancy as they can harm both mum and baby. That doesn’t mean that this form of pampering is completely off the cards though.

Pre-natal massages can be safe if they are carried out by experts or in line with their advice during the second and third trimesters. To do this, you should only use pregnancy-approved essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, lemon, and ginger. At Mama Jewels, we are a fan of lavender as it has many other benefits to mental and physical wellbeing. Our Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box for Pregnancy, and New Mums are just one of the many collections that include this product.

You also cannot beat a nice warm bubble bath which offers a way to relax and soothe the body, which is perfect for pampering. If the water is no warmer than 39 degrees, it is safe for any stage of pregnancy. Specifically created bath oil, soothing soaps, and bath bombs are all brilliant gifts to encourage a pamper. Giving the gift of one of these items will still be very well received, but if you provide everything needed, such as the selection in our Mum-To-Be Pamper Hamper, that expectant mum won’t be able to resist the idea of a soothing spa session.

3. Help the lovely pregnant lady in your life get an amazing night’s sleep

As well as sitting down and resting, sleep is vital. With at least 50% of pregnant women suffering from insomnia, providing gifts that enhance a night’s sleep is classed as a form of pregnancy pampering. Our top recommendations are:

  • Lavender-scented bath and body products
  • Candles
  • High-quality pillows
  • Snuggly bedding for helping achieve a solid night’s sleep

These are techniques and products that can be used when the baby is here to ensure that the new parents can still get quality sleep even though there may be less of it to be had!

4. Give pregnancy gifts that are focused on Mum, not just baby

It is, of course, fun to buy adorable baby clothing and accessories, but don’t forget about Mum. One of the ultimate ways to ensure pampering takes place is to provide an all-in-one pamper hamper that covers all bases of a relaxing session. Our Luxury Pamper at Home Spa is the perfect mum-to-be gift for this occasion!

Included in pamper boxes designed for pregnant ladies is everything that a mum-to-be could possibly need to take some time just for her. Pregnancy-safe beauty products, including face masks, bath accessories, and bump butter, encourage more time to be taken out of the day for spending extra moments focusing on physical wellbeing. This is important as feeling good physically will positively affect mental health. We also think it’s a fabulous idea to give special pregnancy food and drinks as these are just to be enjoyed by the pregnant lady herself.

The benefit of giving a whole box of pampering treats is that they can be used multiple times. Whether you are pregnant or not, taking time to pamper yourself regularly is a proven way to prolong the effects of feeling relaxed and more positive. No two journeys will be the same for women going through pregnancy. That is why we think that providing a box of goodies that encourage regular time out from busy schedules is an effective way to provide the tools for pampering needed at any given time.

5. Take on some extra chores to lighten the load

The final suggestion proves that actions are important, as well as physical gifts. Taking away essential chores and providing pockets of time for self-reflection and pregnancy pampering to take place is important. It could be something as simple as cooking a meal or ordering food that makes the difference. These gestures don’t have to be huge but just enough to make a pregnant woman feel as though she is supported during her journey and that she will have friends and family who care about her around when the baby arrives.


Why should you choose Mama Jewels?

How Do You Pamper a Pregnant Woman

When you choose any of our products, you can rest assured that we are confident and supported in what we provide. Other benefits of shopping from our brand include:

– All products have been extensively researched and professionally created to provide ultimate support for pregnant ladies and their babies. There is no need to spend ages looking into the suitability of products as we have done the hard work for you.

– Our products are natural and environmentally friendly.

– Pampering is not just about the gifts but the staging that goes into the gesture. All of our products are beautifully packaged, sure to make an expectant mum feel special from the moment you hand over your box of luxuries.

How do you pamper a pregnant woman?

We have proven there are many ways, but our key piece of advice would be to choose something that you know would make the pregnant lady in your life feel special. Adding a personal touch is always important and shows that thought has gone into your gesture.