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If you are a parent, you are sure to know how much of a lifesaver a good quality teething toy is! With your little one ready to bite, gnaw and chew on literally anything on site, keeping teething accessories sanitised is essential. If you are wondering how to clean teething toys, then you are likely very aware of the parental panic that sets in if a teething toy cannot be in your time of need!

Babies start teething at around six months of age, with most children having all of their baby teeth by the age of three. Whilst the need for teething toys does tend to lessen as time passes, you are still set for a while of dribbly jaws which a teething accessory can help with. With 68% of mothers saying that teething remedies such as a teething toy are effective, we understand just how important it is to keep these essential accessories clean and fresh. Keep reading for the complete Mama Jewels guide on how to keep your teething toys safe to use. 

What types of teething toys are available?

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Whether you are looking to buy teething toys for your little one or as a gift to include a baby hamper, you will be thrilled to know many different options are available. All teething toys are recommended as a non-medical solution to teething as they allow young ones to relieve the pain associated with new teeth. The options are endless; sometimes, they may not be quite what you think!

Teething Rings are from silicone rubber, these toys are great as they help soothe your baby whilst also providing dexterity support. The food-grade materials can be easily cleaned and are highly durable, meaning that your little one can chew away until their hearts are content with no damage. They are also lightweight, so no matter how rough the gnaw time gets, no damage will be caused to your baby. Teething rings will also come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours which is excellent for engaging your child. Our Pineapple Teething Toy and Bunny Teething Toy are just a few fun examples!

Another great option is Teething Bracelets. If you are wondering what a teething bracelet is, they work in the same way as teething toys but offer a stylish way for parents to keep these vital accessories quite literally close to hand! Available in lots of colours and designs, parents can match their baby’s teething toys to their outfits easily.¬†They really are the perfect way to make a new Mum feel special.

Last but not least is Teething Necklaces. Another wearable teething option is a chic necklace, which allows babies to be soothed whilst being held close to Mum. Designed to both serve as a beautiful piece of jewellery and a safe teething toy, a teething necklace also add additional soothing as they transmit the soothing body temperature of the wearer to the baby. Think of it as a warm compress and a stylish addition all in one!

What are the benefits of teething toys?

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There are many benefits of using teething toys, with our top ones being the following:

РThe super soft materials apply enough pressure to relieve sore and sensitive gyms. As young ones become fussy and unhappy when they are teething, this also means that teething toys make for more contented babies. This also minimises the need to use medicines or other alternative forms of pain relief which could end up having other effects on your baby such as sickness or fevers.

– Teething toys also aid development in terms of skill, jaw strength, awareness, and hand-eye coordination.

–¬†They provide mental stimulation, not just taking minds off painful gums but also aiding with general cognitive development.

– Due to their robust nature, teething toys also help prepare babies for their first solid foods as they can get used to the action of chewing. This means that when the first solid meals are introduced, it is not as much of an alien experience and they will likely adapt to the new routine much more quickly.

РThe distraction from pain also acts as a great support for parents, allowing them more time to get other things done whilst the baby is naturally relaxed and soothed. 

How do you clean and sanitise a teething toy?

A teething toy will only be safe for your child to use if it is clean and sanitised. Without this, you run the risk of passing on germs which could lead to infections arising. 

The first thing you will notice when selecting a teething toy is that they should all be made from food-grade materials to ensure they are safe for use in the mouth. If a toy is not advertised as having this considered, it is not going to be safe for your young one to use. 

Once you have selected the right toy for your baby, you can follow the below cleaning methods:

Dishwasher¬†This is a great option but one that you need to be extra careful with. You should always ensure no dish soap has been left behind from the previous usage before putting any teething toys in for a cleaning. To do this, a rinse of just water is recommended before the wash itself. All toys should be dishwasher safe; if they are not, this raises concerns about the toy’s suitability for teething purposes.¬†

Boiling Water or Sterilisation Machine¬†You can treat teething toys the same way you would a baby bottle or other cutlery by using a sterilisation machine. This is a brilliant method as it means you can treat multiple items at once and have complete peace of mind that your little ones’ teething accessory is safe to use. It is also a speedy way of cleaning, which is ideal if you are caught in a time crunch.¬†

Baking Soda, White Vinegar, and Water If you want a deeper clean, then it is safe to use a mix of baking soda and water or white vinegar and water to create a cleaning paste. This can be used to clear the entirety of the teething toy and is brilliant for killing any germs or bacteria. 

As with all these methods, always ensure your teething toy is completely rinsed of any residue, cool to the touch and dry before giving it back to the baby. If this is not done, you could end up causing more harm than good which none of us wants.

How often should you clean teething toys?

No matter how well you clean a teething toy, if it is done more regularly, it will still become safe for your little ones to rely upon. Teething toys are going to get dirty, so it’s important to use these sanitisation methods between every usage to keep things safe for your little ones. That is why it is also a great idea to have multiple toys available as it alleviates some of the pressure from parents when there are lots of other daily chores to be done associated with having a baby.

Your best judgement can be used depending on how much it has been used, but we still say they should be cleaned daily. They will likely be used in lots of different environments, meaning it is easy for germs to build up. Just like the way you would clean a bottle or baby grown in between uses, we think the same applies to teething toys. 

You may also want to use different methods based on where the toy has been used and whether your baby is unwell. You can also make considerations to help toys offer a safer option for little ones. These include always wiping and cleaning the teething toy between uses, wearing natural vegan skincare so that no chemicals are passed across, and not letting many people touch the teething toys. 

Some methods, such as the cleaning paste trick we have outlined above, could be saved for a deeper clean and therefore done once a week. The hot water cleaning will be enough to remove germs, but this just provides further assurance that the teething toy is always clean.

Why is it important to clean teething toys?

As with any accessory or toy that a child encounters, keeping it sterile is essential for maintaining the overall health of the little one. When teething, the risk of infection is even greater as gums are likely to feature small openings whilst the teeth are coming through. Baby teeth are also much more sensitive and fragile than adult ones meaning that strong dental health is essential from a young age.

Do you feel more confident in knowing how to clean teething toys?

Whether you are looking for a Christmas baby gift or even a baby gift for any other time of the year, a teething toy is a great option. They offer relief and aid development in many ways, meaning the benefits are plentiful.

Whether kept clean, they serve as a safe and natural alternative to medicines which we think is a brilliant option. Do you agree?