How to Make a New Mum Feel Special

If you have come across this blog, you are probably trying to find out how to make a new mum feel special. Firstly, may we commend you on this as we also think it is super important to consider. When a new baby with adorable chubby cheeks and that unique newborn smell arrives, it is easy to focus all attention on them. Whilst we are not saying there is anything wrong with spoiling young ones, spending all the time focused on them leaves as many as 90% of new mums feeling lonely post-birth.  

This is also combined with at least 36% of new mums suffering from anxiety and 12% from post-natal depression. Making a new mother feel won’t, unfortunately, eliminate these issues, but it can go a long way to improving her overall experience and making for a positive environment. 

Carry on reading to find out how you can make a new mum feel loved and special. 

What Do New Mothers Struggle With the Most?

The first step to figuring out how you can make a new mum in your life feel special is to put yourself in her shoes. Whether they have just had their first baby or already have other children, giving birth puts a woman under tremendous stress. Some of the main areas that new mums struggle in are:

Sleeping – As many as 13% of mothers say they are sleep deprived, which can negatively impact mental well-being, appetite, concentration levels, and the ability to heal quickly after giving birth. Newborn babies sleep for between 16-18 hours per day, but it is the interrupted sleep that can lead to a feeling of being constantly tired. 

Feeling comfortable in their body – It can take as long as 13 months for the female body to recover from giving birth. Being pregnant and giving birth makes a woman’s body feel and look different from how it did before pregnancy; some ladies can struggle with this in the early days.

Anxiety – With 70% of new mums saying they suffer from anxiety at one point or continuously, this is an important element to consider when providing post-birth support. Ladies will need everyone else to act as their constants when everything feels new. Whilst this is exciting, having the responsibility of a new baby whilst dealing with the additional hormones can make for a difficult first few months.

71% of new parents say they are reluctant to ask for help, so people around them must be aware and mindful of what struggles can be faced. For new mums, it is not just dealing with their bundle of joy but also physically and mentally recovering after giving birth which can be tough.

What can I gift a new mum to make her feel special?

How to Make a New Mum Feel Special

At Mama Jewels, we think a balance of kind gestures and gifts can work together to make a new mum feel empowered and strong. When choosing the right gift for a new mum, it is important to consider what would add value to her life and put a smile on her face. 

If you want to provide a gift to encourage pampering and make a new mum feel better in her own skin, you should only consider options that are fully safe for both mum and baby.

Our New Mummy Pamper Hamper is an example of this, as it contains all-natural products. Something as simple as having a fragranced moisturiser on a new mother’s skin can cause a reaction for the baby, so it’s not worth the risk of choosing something that is not recommended as being suitable. A new mother’s hamper like this one shows that you care enough to give a beautiful gift and encourages a new mum to take time for herself still. 

You could also choose a gift that shows that you have considered her own situation, such as a lactation tea. In the UK, 80% of women stop breastfeeding before intended due to complications. If you know that the new mother in your life is planning on choosing this feeding method, then giving her a gift that will make her feel more comfortable will make her feel cared for. 

It is also important to consider gifts that are not all baby or post-birth themed. Something like a beautiful bouquet or a box of her favourite chocolates are tokens that show she is important as herself and not just as a new mum. Many women, unfortunately, feel like they lose their identity when having children, so making a new mother feel special is also reminding her that she is still the amazing lady she was before having a child.

It’s also not just about physical gifts, as the gift of time is one that most people will hold as highly significant. Taking some time out of your day to offer to help in the home or be there for a chat are ways to ensure a new mum feels connected to loved ones. 

What Baby Products Can I Buy to Show That I Care?

How to Make a New Mum Feel Special

Showing love and affection to a new mother’s baby is also a great way of making her feel special. If you are looking for a gift for a new baby that will also make a new parent feel special, we think that considering the daily lifestyle needs is a great place to start. Considering what products will make a new mother’s life easier shows that extra thought and care has gone into the buying decision. 

Some of the top gifts that we recommend are:

Swaddles and Blankets – Baby Muslin Cloths are one of the handiest items a parent can have. You can use them to wrap your child soothingly, for cleaning up accidents, as a makeshift changing mat, to cover the pram, and for many other purposes. 

Clothing – Babies get through many clothes, so this is a perfect gift. Not only do they grow out of the essentials such as onesies and socks, but the inevitable accidents mean there can be multiple outfit changes in one day.

Bathing Products  – New parents are bound to be worried about what products to use on their precious little one, so providing a baby-suitable gift hamper full of natural products is a brilliant gift. This is a consideration that not everyone would make, so a new mother will appreciate the thought and attention that has gone into choosing a little one for a special gift.

The Essentials – Along the same lines is the idea of giving items that the baby will most commonly use to show that you understand what a new mum is going through. Everything from nappies to sleep-enhancing night lights is all items that new parents need in abundance.

If you are trying to buy a gift for a baby that makes mum feel special, you could also look at personalised baby gifts. These make beautiful souvenirs and remind a new mum of the love that everybody has for her baby.  

How Else Can You Make a New Mum Feel Special and Cared For?

It is not just about gifting items but also ensuring you are genuinely there for a new mum. Whether you think your loved one needs some more support, or you just want to show her how special she is to you, gestures are important. 

Being there for a new mother is essential, and she needs to know that no matter what time of day or night it is, she is not alone. This is the case whether the baby is being raised in a single-parent household or by two people. You don’t have to physically show up at a new mum’s home but instead drop her a message, send me a note, or drop her in a coffee whilst you are running errands. Forcing yourself may have the opposite effect, so just be mindful of what would best suit the new mother in your life, as everyone is different. 

Offer to help in terms of looking after the baby or her life in general. Something as simple as offering to walk the dog, pick up some groceries or stay with the little one whilst she has a bath will make her feel loved.

Listen to what she has to say. Trying to impart your own advice or telling a new mum how she should be acting or feeling are common mistakes that people make. Genuinely listening to what she has to say is important and will make her feel valued as a person, not just as a mother. 

Providing positive reinforcement may sound simple, but for a new mother, hearing someone say she is doing a good job will make her feel amazing. Looking after a baby is hard, so we think that telling a new mother how incredible she is doing is important.

Do You Feel Confident in Knowing How to Make a New Mum Feel Special?

How to Make a New Mum Feel Special

Hopefully, we have given you some food for thought and highlighted just how many ways there are to make a new mum feel amazing. Whether you decide to buy her a meaningful new mum gift or make it your mission to show that actions speak louder than words, we are sure the new mum in your life with be very grateful for your support.