How to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave: Welcoming Them Back with Open Arms

How to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave

Bringing back staff members after maternity leave is an exciting and significant milestone for both the employees and your company. As an employer, it’s crucial to create a supportive and inclusive environment that eases their transition and ensures a positive return to work experience. In this blog post, we will explore practical ways to support and welcome staff members returning from maternity leave. By implementing these strategies, you can promote employee loyalty, boost morale, and create a workplace culture that values and supports working parents.

1. Show you care – Start by supporting them before they even go off on Maternity leave.

Supporting their pregnancy, by perhaps organising a leaving party or baby shower, showing an interest in their baby, and buying a pregnancy gift for her or a Mum and Baby gift for both them and the baby from the team, will really show them that you value them, care for their personal situation and understand what they are going through. Buying an employee a maternity leave gift can be a meaningful gesture that shows appreciation, support, and recognition for their dedication and commitment to the organisation. While it may not be the sole determining factor in their decision to return to work after maternity leave, it can contribute to creating a positive and supportive work environment.

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2. Maintain Open Communication during their leave

In preparation for when you need to know how to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave: Keeping the lines of communication open is essential when supporting staff members returning from maternity leave. Regularly check in with them during their leave period to demonstrate your continued support and to provide updates about the workplace. Consider sharing company news, developments, and social events through newsletters or personal emails. This approach helps maintain their connection to the workplace and makes them feel valued and included.

Before their return, schedule a meeting to discuss their transition back into work. Ask about their needs, concerns, and any potential adjustments they require. Being open and receptive to their input helps create a more accommodating and flexible work environment, enabling a smoother reintegration process.

How to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave



3. Provide Flexible Work Options

Flexibility is key when it comes to supporting staff members returning from maternity leave. Consider offering flexible work arrangements, such as adjusted working hours, part-time schedules, or remote work options. These alternatives empower employees to balance their personal and professional responsibilities more effectively, easing their transition and reducing potential stressors.

Furthermore, be understanding and accommodating when unexpected situations arise, such as sick children or childcare issues. Providing a supportive atmosphere that recognises and respects the challenges of balancing work and family life goes a long way in creating a positive work experience.

How to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave

4. Offer a Supportive Work Environment

Creating a supportive work environment is essential for staff members returning from maternity leave. Foster a culture of understanding and empathy among colleagues, encouraging them to welcome and support their returning coworkers. Organize team-building activities or informal gatherings to allow for reconnecting and bonding.

Consider establishing a buddy system where returning employees are paired with a supportive coworker who can offer guidance, answer questions, and provide a friendly face during the early days back at work. This mentorship-like relationship can greatly enhance the transition experience and promote a sense of belonging.

This support also needs to extend to supporting breastfeeding. Provide somewhere where your employee can go to express breast milk should they wish to, and a refrigerator where this can be stored until the end of the day when they can take this home.

How to Support Staff Returning from Maternity Leave


5. Recognise and Celebrate Milestones

Acknowledge and celebrate important milestones for staff members returning from maternity leave. Recognize their accomplishments, both professionally and personally. Consider organizing a small welcome-back event or arranging a surprise gift to show appreciation for their dedication and commitment to the organisation.

It’s also a really nice personal touch to remember the birth date of their child, even if it’s approximate. They will be blown away by your attention to detail and care for their personal life!

Additionally, allow for flexibility in workload and assignments during the initial weeks of their return. Offering a lighter workload or gradually increasing responsibilities helps employees readjust to their roles and responsibilities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Supporting staff members returning from maternity leave is crucial in creating a positive and inclusive work environment. By maintaining open communication, providing flexible work options, fostering a supportive work environment, and celebrating milestones, employers can ensure a smooth transition and show appreciation for their employees’ dedication. A welcoming and understanding approach not only boosts morale but also promotes long-term employee retention and satisfaction. By investing in the well-being and success of working parents, organizations can create a workplace culture that values work-life balance and supports the diverse needs of their staff.