We recently managed to budget for our visit to LEGOLAND for my sons 7th birthday and did the whole weekend including travel and overnight stay for under £200.00 which is brilliant and probably cost less than it would have done to throw him a party!

Since starting up Mama Jewels our family have become bootstrap billy’s and we try to save money wherever we can. It stems from the early days of Mama Jewels when I had been made redundant and was unwaged and to be honest we were skint but still trying to enjoy life with our boys. The habit (I actually think is a good one) continues to this day as we try to embrace the age of austerity and gradually day by day become more like our parents. Lol!

Initially we wanted to stay in the LEGOLAND hotel, but as this was fully booked for the date we needed, dreams of Lego beds, tv’s and pirate shower cubicles went out of the window and the challenge to do the weekend for the best price possible set in.

So here is a break down of the costs;

Hotel and breakfast for five ( 1 double, 2 singles and 1 cot in a Premier Inn) £84.00

Tickets to get into Legoland £0.00  ( We used our TESCO vouchers to purchase 4 x annual passes which means we cna go back again when the weather gets better)

Total saving for tickets and hotel of £234

Fuel for the car  £40.00

Ice creams ( 2 for the boys who shared with baby Henry) £4.80

Picnic on day one made up at home including  flask of coffee ( approx cost) £10.00

Pub meal for 5 in Beafeater pub next to our hotel £36.00

Drinks throughout the day  £5.80 ( On the advice of a regular legolander we packed the buggy and rucksack with bottles of water, milk and juice pouches)

Car parking at Legoland for two days £6.00

Picnic for day two ( made up in hotel room) £10.00

Americano coffee from fast food outlet £2.30

Total Food and drinks saving approx £98.40

( 3 x meals for 5 in the fast food outlets £83.40 and 2 x refill as many times as you like beverage holders £15.00)


Total cost of the weekend £198.90

Total saving for the weekend £332.40


We had an amazing weekend, the hotel was clean, comfortable, and spacious, the drive down from Nottingham was very quick and easy and Legoland was just brilliant! My 7 year old was a bit disappointed that even the water wasn’t made of Lego but I guess you can never meet the expectations of a 7 year old with a very vivid imagination. We can’t wait to go back when the weather get warmer and explore so many of the rides and places that we couldn’t even cover in two days, although next time ( just as a special treat) I will be trying to get a room in the Legoland hotel as its number 27 on my bucket list!

I hope you found this helpful.

Amanda x

NB  This does exclude the lego birthday gifts we bought for Jonah whilst we were there and a couple of christmas gifts I purchased for family members.

Trying to push the buggy with all that food and liquid and a 20 month toddler was pretty tough but I saw it as part of my fitness training for the weekend.