Is a teething necklace for Mom safe?

This question, ‘Is a teething necklace for Mom safe?’ is a very valid one, as the whole point of a teething necklace is that it is safe for your baby to chew.

So what makes a teething necklace safe?

  • It needs to be guaranteed not to break, and that means safety testing and evidence of that testing.
  • It needs to be made of components that are not toxic when baby sucks and chews on them.
  • The components need to be washable in order that mum can keep them clean after baby has been chewing and sucking

is a teething necklace for mom safe?

Teething necklace regulations

A company selling a teething necklace should be able to provide you with evidence that they have tested their products and that materials comply with Strength tested to BS EN 71 (Toy standards 90N) parts 1, 2 and 3

Teething Nursing necklaces are generally made using a combination of wood and resin/acrylic using materials that combine hard and soft textures and are not harmful when a teething or nursing baby fiddles or chews on them.

As our products are made using the same materials that are used to create Toys, namely, wood, plastics and silicone our products are suitable for babies to use as a teething tool whilst being worn by the parent.

Just in case you are wondering how we have the experience to advise on this subject, we thought it best to mention that In 2009 we created the first UK safety tested teething jewellery and bought them to market. We’ve been successfully selling our teething jewellery worldwide since our launch in 2010.

Teething necklaces and Nursing necklaces should be strength tested, Made from approved Non-toxic components and should be guaranteed not to break in order that small parts don’t escape.

Materials  for a teething necklace

Many of the best teething tools on the market combine a combination of hard and soft materials, perfect for relieving sore gums, irritation and providing something safe for your little one to play with. This is what we have based our designs upon

What are our necklaces made from?

We now use a variety of materials in the making of our baby-proof jewellery. All of the following products we use have been checked and are free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, lead, cadmium and heavy metals. See regulations here 

We use:

  • Naturally treated wood. Untreated wood
  • Amber
  • Acrylic.Nylon

Important SAFETY and design aspects

A teething necklace for mom is safe, but it needs to be worn by mom and not children!

Safety testing of teething jewellery

Our jewellery carries a 0-3 warning as there is a risk of strangulation if you were to leave your child unattended with your jewellery. We strongly recommend that you do not leave your teething necklace with your child alone.

Our jewellery design has been tested by a UKAS Independent test house for compliance with BS EN 71. Part 1, 2 and 3.

On-going strength testing is carried out in house using a batch testing system. We batch test a number of necklaces each month or a when a new consignment of materials are received, based upon a percentage of production. Records of this testing are available.

All of our products carry a 1 year no quibble guarantee.


Keeping your teething necklace clean

It’s really important that you keep your teething jewellery clean.

All of the materials we use in our teething jewellery designs are made using materials which have been deemed compliant under BS EN 71 (Toy standards 90N) parts 1, 2 and 3, which means they are also washable.

To keep them clean, wash with warm soapy water, using washing up liquid and then hang up to dry.

When completely dry they are ready to wear again!

Why buy Mama Jewels teething jewellery?

Mama Jewels necklaces are made in the UK by a small team whose focus is to produce babyproof jewellery that is both SAFE and stylish.

We produce smaller quantities of each design constantly updating our portfolio which enables us to create trend-led designs which complement current fashion.

Mama Jewels products are not mass-produced and we operate a very much FAIR TRADE policy, paying fair wages to the lovely people who make your jewellery. We do try to keep our prices as low as possible, but we often use less commercial shapes and styles of wood, silicone, resin and acrylic that all needs to be checked for toxicity and durability.

Our products are also stylishly gift boxed using on brand packaging which suits our clients and their style and makes buying as a gift perfect.

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    Silicone teething necklace for mum | Coral grey | Rainbow

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Amanda is a Mum of three boys and trained in Quantity Surveying and Project Management at Nottingham Trent University before starting Mama Jewels in 2009 whilst on maternity leave. She lives in Nottingham, England with her husband Matt and their three boys.