Let’s get crafty

Today we made Jellyfish, the kids absolutely loved it – who does not love getting messy? We crafted with two 3 year olds and a just turned 2 year old. It’s a safe craft for young children although supervision is required the best things for us adults is, it does not have to be that messy we used felts instead of paint and is relatively inexpensive we actually had everything to hand in the house already! So, on with the task:

kids crafts Jellyfish



Now, here comes the fun part! Turn the plate/bowl upside down and glue around the edge, place the strips of paper and ribbons onto the glue so when it’s lifted up, they hang nicely. Paper makes this “flow” better in the wind although ribbon works just as well (just be aware ribbon takes a little longer to stick) cover the full rim with paper and ribbon and leave to dry.

We chose to take half an hour out to have fun in the garden at this point!

When they’re dry, put some eyes on them – we used white stickers but googly eyes would look awesome! Poke a hole through the middle of the plate/bowl and use ribbon/ string to hang up.

When they’re complete they look really pretty. We had such fun making them and the kids were really proud of the results.

Why not try this and send us your pictures? We’d love to see, here’s ours!

kids crafts Jellyfish