Mama Jewels vegan bump and baby balm | the benefits to you and your baby

Have you noticed how both pregnancy and new babies can create complicated skin conditions? Eczema, Psoriasis, dry skin patches and soreness. The great news is that nature has provided for Mama Jewels vegan bump and baby balm, a fabulous two in one, 100% natural baby and bump balm with great benefits for you and baby.

As well as an incredible itchy bump (which I doused in baby balm) I got dry skin patches under my eyes and around my neck/chest area. Seriously as if growing a little human isn’t enough we get all these nasty side effects, not to mention sore nipples after feeding!vegan bump balm

All three of my children has very dry hands and feet for several weeks after birth and using baby balm was a great solution.

Mama Jewels vegan bump and baby balm is included in our Mum and baby and Mum-to-be hampers (can also be purchased individually) is 100% natural, manufactured here in the UK, is Vegan approved and full of natural goodies.

Vegan Baby and bump balm

Baby and bump balm

Specially formulated for babies to provide moisture and nourishment to skin in need of TLC. Even the most sensitive little skins will be soothed! Perfect for bumps, scratches, dry patches and everything in between, this healing balm will help. This unique formula contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil for extra skin protection and it’s a winner for nappy rash!

Shea butter is the ivory butter that is extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, native to Africa. The nuts are roasted to release the precious liquid inside and then it is hand-kneaded until it becomes a smooth creamy butter. This rich butter is incredibly moisturising, a skincare saviour for dry, cracked skin. It delivers essential fatty acids and nutrients, providing intensive hydration and protection for your skin. It can help soften skin and keep it feeling supple and smooth. It literally is a superfood for your skin.Shea butter benefits

Sometimes the shea butter within the balm may seem a little gritty, but this is completely normal and once warmed up in the hands becomes smooth and ready to nourish sensitive skin.

The other main ingredient in this balm is Almond oil, not only is it an excellent option for vegans and those intolerant towards lactose but also it is enriched with essential nutrients and minerals that fortify the body. That’s exactly what pregnant ladies and new babies need! Almond oil is also edible, which means this balm is safe as a nipple soother for breastfeeding mums.

How to use Mama Jewels vegan bump and baby balm: With clean hands, take a small amount of the balm in your hands and gently massage between fingers, then gently apply to areas of dryness, soreness or with skin conditions. Only a small amount is needed and it can be applied as often as you feel necessary. The balm will soak into the skin and leave a lovely natural softened area.

Mama Jewels vegan bump and baby balm is also great for adults with sensitive skin too! It has No chemicals, No preservatives, No artificial perfumes, No colourants and is 100% Natural. It’s great for nipple soothing and perfect for treating toddlers and older children too! You can purchase this incredible balm for £7.95 here.