Are you fed up of your children breaking your necklaces and bracelets? Have you confined your jewellery to the drawer for a rare night out? Did you search but only find frumpy mummy jewellery that you would rather not wear? Maybe you found a nursing necklace – but wouldn’t be seen dead in it?

Amanda Waring founder of Mama Jewels had the same issues three years ago when her son started to break her jewellery. She hunted high and low but could only find nursing necklaces that were more designed for baby than a fashion conscious mum already struggling with body image.

Mama Jewels was the brainchild of Amanda when she decided that strong, washable and non toxic jewellery could be made fashionable.

Mama Jewels are manufactured in the UK and have a fabulous range of what they term as ‘Mummyproof jewellery’ jewellery designed for Mums to look gorgeous!

Their customers broadly range from fashionable mothers in need of a style injection, glamorous grandmothers, trendy teachers and beautiful breastfeeding mums.

Amanda says ‘Our products are great for the style conscious mum and particularly for mums who are breastfeeding but still look fabulous but also needs that distraction and focus for baby’

Inspired by such literature as ‘The rise and fall of the Yummy Mummy’ Amanda is well aware of the havoc that having a baby plays with body image and feels that a nice peice of jewellery that mums can wear with the confidence that your children won’t break, may encourage mums to feel better about their body image.

Mama Jewels jewellery is available on line and at selected stockists across the UK.