Mum to be gifts ideas

Choosing the right mum to be gifts

The endless number of options available when it comes to choosing mum to be gifts can be overwhelming, to say the least! There are also so many factors that will go into selecting the perfect present, which makes the decision even trickier.

Do you buy a gift for the baby or for the new mum? What will an expectant mother need? How can I make a pregnant lady feel special? These are all questions you are sure to consider when choosing the perfect gift.

To add further pressure, the baby shower gift market is worth £19 million alone in the UK. It is therefore clear that people love to spend big money on mothers to be and their beautiful bundles of joy making it a serious buying decision.

As well as giving a present that is representative of an important life milestone, giving a thoughtful gift to a mum to be is also a way to make her feel special when she might not be feeling her normal self. At Mama Jewels, we specialise in gifting options that are special and designed to make a positive impact on both pregnancies and post-birth life. We think that gifts for mums to be should offer a way to improve their well-being as well as happiness. Whether you are looking for a pregnancy-safe self-care item, a job leaving maternity present, a gift for both mum and baby, or something that bit different, our gift guide offers something for every need.

What should you buy a mum to be? Check out our list of the best ideas below.

1. Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box for Pregnancy and New Mums – £74.95

A great gifting option for new and expectant mothers is an all-singing and dancing self-care hamper. Not only do these gift boxes offer an array of safe-to-use products, but they also encourage the recipient to take some time for them. Encouraging a mum to be to relax and unwind is essential not only for her own health but also for that of her baby. When someone receives a box of luxurious goodies, relaxation is sure to follow.

This hamper contains a whole host of products that can be used together or separately to offer the ultimate at-home rest time. We favour lavender as an essential oil as it offers many benefits, including aiding sleep and reducing stress levels. Lavender use during pregnancy is also said to benefit the baby in many ways which is another positive. This hamper includes this relaxing blend in the form of a gentle bath soap, invigorating bath bombs, a lavish massage oil, and a delightful soy candle. A matcha face mask and avocado lip butter are also included, as they both naturally invigorate and refresh dry, tired skin.

As well as also including some sweet treats (which we are sure will go down very well), this box also features our exclusive Mama Journal. This delicately designed book gives mums to be the chance to document every part of their journey, which can then be used for reflection in the future. With pregnancy including so many changes, sometimes daily, taking some time to sit down and reflect is also a great form of self-care.

A hamper is a brilliant way of making a mum feel special and loved. The products will also give her a good insight into what is safe and suitable to use even when her baby has arrived. Available in lots of different colours, you can give someone the gift of time with one of these special boxes full of loveliness.

2. Nursery Prints and Additions to Babies New Room – £7.95

With parents spending an average of £5300 on their kids’ bedrooms before the age of 10, choosing a gift for a new mum that can alleviate the cost of the first nursery is also a great option. Whether the mother to be lives in a rented or owned home, she will still want to put her stamp on her future child’s room. We think buying any gifts in the form of furniture, decorations, or baby essentials is, therefore, a great present for a new mum.

If you know the initial of the new arrival, our Monogram Nursery Art Prints are a wonderful option. Other choices could be something that ties into the theme of the room or just a nice neutral gift that can be used for years to come. Creating a space for little ones is not only a necessary task as the arrival date draws closer but is also a way for parents to bond with them before they have even arrived. Having a dedicated space also helps relax a new mum as she can rest assured in knowing that everything is ready for her baby’s entrance into the world.

As future mums start to nest and make their homes perfect for the arrival of their little ones, giving them a gift that can be used to enhance their babies’ room is a lovely sentiment.

3. Pregnancy Bola Necklace – from £23.95

Jewellery is also a lovely alternative. Of course, you could settle on something with a special stone to represent the baby or an engraved item, but we think that something a bit different would go down extremely well. Offering a reminder of the magical pregnancy journey is a beautiful gift. However, we think that you could go one step further and give an even more special gift when choosing a Bola Pregnancy Necklace.

Steeped in ancient history, a Bola necklace features a long pendant design which contains a subtle chime that the unborn baby can recognise. Sitting much lower than a standard necklace so that contact can be made with the bump, every time mum to be moves around, her baby will hear the relaxing tones. This special piece of jewellery is a great way to develop the connection between mother and baby from as early as 20 weeks into the pregnancy when hearing is developed.

This gift is also ideal for mums as it offers them a simple way to soothe their babies once they have made their grand arrival, as they will already understand the calming tones of the chime. As soon as a young one hears the sound, they will instantly be transported back to the warmth and safety that their mum offered them during pregnancy. This will result in a calmer baby that is easy to soothe.

As well as offering a thoughtful gift, the pendants are also beautiful pieces of jewellery that provide a lovely memento for mums in years to come. Finished with a durable 925 silver and boasting a selection of antique, inspired designs, these necklaces make a sweet, slightly different gift. When mums receive gifts, they are likely to all be along the same lines, but by choosing something out of the ordinary, you better your chances of giving something that she does not already have.

4. Baby and Bump Balm – £8.95

Another great way to treat an expecting mum is to give her a beauty product that will genuinely make her feel more comfortable. While growing a baby is a magical journey; it can cause stress to the expectant mother’s body. A bump balm is an example of a beauty product that should be incorporated into daily routines early on to achieve the best results.

A vegan balm is best recommended, as beauty products should be 100% suitable for both mum and baby. The benefits of bump balms include:

  • Less itching as the deep treating moisturiser can soothe any skin irritations.
  • Reduced chance of stretch marks as moisturised skin can expand more easily.
  • Less chance of experiencing pain when baby is growing as again, the bump skin has been treated in a way which makes development easier.
  • Reduce rashes, heal wounds, and relieve discomfort from any other skin conditions that are commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Our Bump and Baby Balm, as the name would suggest, can also be used to soothe skin irritations for newborn babies, making it a lovely versatile product to give as a gift. Made from high-quality shea and almond butter, the special formula is a natural healer packed full of vitamins that is completely safe to use at any time. Ideal for making a mum to be, feel great about herself and for giving her a good idea of what is suitable for the baby when they arrive, we think that a bump balm is a must-have gift. Our products prove that pregnancy-safe skincare does not have to cost the earth and are easy to source.

5. Gift Hampers for Baby – from £27.95

As we have covered already, when choosing what gift to buy, you can select something just for mum, baby, or both recipients. We recommend a baby gift hamper if you want to buy something a bit different for the new arrival that the expectant mother can use and benefit from.

Just like our adult options, these gifting delights offer an affordable way to bring together various items. Buying baby clothing is the natural gift choice for many, and you will often find that babies grow so fast that they don’t even get a chance to wear half of what they are gifted! We think getting something a bit different is therefore a good route to go down.

Our baby hampers include all the essentials; dribble bibs, plant-able children’s books, vegan body products, teddies, soothing bath products, and teething necklaces. Even the box itself is multi-use as it can be used to either store products or as one of your babies’ many memory boxes. The perfect gift for mum and baby, a new baby hamper takes one extra shopping task away from a mum to be as you can gift a whole host of essentials in one go.

Baby hampers are also a lovely choice, as you can buy them regardless of whether you know the baby’s gender. We sell baby hampers for boys and baby hampers for girls, which are available with lots of different products and goodies included. You can also choose from our Gender Neutral Hampers if you are unsure of the sex or want to go for something with neutral tones. There is an option perfect for every family meaning you can add the personal touch by choosing something that is ideal for the recipients.

6. Organic Breastfeeding Lactation Tea – £6.00

Did you know that the UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding percentages? We think whether a mum chooses to breastfeed or not that it is her own decision which she should be supported with. If a mum chooses this method, it does not equal an easy journey for everyone. In fact, breastfeeding can be extremely difficult and healthy teas like this aim to improve naturally.

This makes a good gift as it is something that a mum to be might not have considered when there are so many other things to sort for her impending special arrival. This gift means she can invest some time into her own health, which is incredibly important to do.

Featuring an organic herbal blend that is perfectly safe for babies to digest, this special tea can be used both pre and post-birth. Certified as vegan and with a caffeine-free blend, this gift is also perfect for any mum, no matter what her dietary needs or preferences may be. This is the type of present that people don’t often think of, but we guarantee that your special mum will be very grateful for it if breastfeeding is something that she wants to try.

7. Breastfeeding Apparel – £12

Continuing the same theme of giving the gift of something that supports a new mum during her journey into parenthood are multi-use swaddle cloths.

Some say this is one of the most useful things you could give a new parent as it is not merely a cloth but a multi-use product. The different uses of these cloths are:

  • A breastfeeding cover which provides privacy for mums when feeding their baby. The neutral designs offer a discreet cover-up that offers extra comfort for both mum and baby. Also lightweight in design, you can easily pack this cloth away in a bag for use anytime and anywhere.
  • As a swaddle cloth to help baby sleep deeper and for longer. Our soft cloths make it easy for parents to give their babies protective support that can improve sleep, neuromuscular development and enhance muscle tone. The secure wrapping also helps babies relax, self-soothe, and to help prevent scratching. Furthermore, the soft material eliminates the chance of any skin irritations happening.
  • As a changing mat, if you are stuck without one. There is nothing worse than a parent being stuck somewhere to change their baby and not having a clean surface to use. These cloths can also be used as a changing mat or even a play blanket in times of need.
  • You can use it for a sun cover when out with your baby. These lightweight products also make perfect pram covers to protect little ones from the sun on a warm day. Simply place it over your pram, and this breathable fabric will provide an extra layer of protection that will make your baby feel safe and calm.
  • Use it as a burp or cleaning cloth. Also easy to wash, this cloth can also be used for cleaning up any mishaps, which are of course common with babies. The super soft fabric also eliminates any chance of irritation and can be used anywhere on your child’s body.

There are also loads more ways that this essential gift can be used, which is why it has made our must-have list.

8. Pregnancy Self Care Wellness Box – £29.95

Keeping relaxed is essential for pregnant ladies, which is why a wellness box that is just aimed at the mum to be is another good option. Feeling pampered is a surefire way to reduce blood pressure and help the body naturally heal. During pregnancy, it can be slightly more difficult to incorporate spa products into routines as not all formulas are safe for both mother and baby. With a pregnancy wellness box specifically created for mums, you don’t have to worry about that issue and can gift easily.

You can help a mum to be become truly relaxed by using the calming lavender scents that are featured in the essential oil candle and luxurious massage aromatherapy oil. Also included is a lavender self-heating eye mask that relieves tensions, reduces eye puffiness and aids in a good night’s sleep. The collection also helps a mum to be feel relieved from any discomfort as lavender is naturally calming on the whole body.

Also included is an avocado lip butter which soothes dry, cracked lips that are common during pregnancy. This natural lip butter can also be used as a balm on other areas of the body that need relief from irritation.

Self-care is not just about physical aids but also mental support, which our exclusive Mama Jewels journals help with. This journal can be taken anywhere for instant relaxation and mindfulness to encourage pregnant ladies to put their feet up and reflect on their journey.

Wrapped up with a beautiful ribbon featuring a personalised message of your choice, we think this is a great way to promote the need to step back and take some me time for the expectant mother in your life.

9. Teething Jewellery – from £6.95

Another gift option that benefits both mother and baby in the coming months is teething jewellery. Offering both parents the chance to incorporate a helpful accessory into a piece of wearable fashion, we think that makes a great gift for expectant mums. Once the little one arrives, everything is sure to be one big, beautiful whirlwind, so helping sort out the future months will be a huge help.

Teething jewellery is a brilliant option for parents as it is safe and easy to clean, making it the perfect item to keep close by when young ones are starting to cut their first teeth.

There are also many items to choose from, meaning you can select the perfect product easily. Teething Bangles and Bracelets can be used from birth as they are made from high-quality food-grade silicone. They are also lightweight to wear and can be stacked easily if multiple ones need to be worn at any one time.

Another option is a Teething Necklace which looks like a trendy outfit finishing accessory. Available in different colours, designs, and materials, these necklaces mean a mum can feel fashionable whilst still being able to soothe a little one who is teething. The design also offers a tactile surface that babies can play with to support the development of hand-eye coordination, even in the early stages.

10. Personalised Gifts for Baby – from £4.50

Finally, we have the option of a personalised gift for the baby. This memento, whilst can be enjoyed by the little bundle of joy, is also a lovely item for a mum to be to have in her memory collection.

If the expecting parents have chosen their baby’s name, something like our Teething Toy Personalised Rattle or the Baby Knitted Mammoth and Personalised Toy Gift Set make lovely options. Parents are also often keen to keep baby names under wraps so you could alternatively curate your own hamper full of special treats which still offer a personal touch.

This not only provides multi-use gifts but shows that you have taken the time to think about the mum to be and her new baby which will mean a lot.

Are you ready to buy your gift?

Buying a gift for a mum to be may at first seem complex, but hopefully, we have proven that there are lots of great options to choose from. Anything that can be used to evoke a memory, ensure some relaxation time, or just shows that you have taken the time to carefully consider a personal gift is sure to be very well received.

Mum to be gifts do not have to be the most expensive item to be loved. We think that choosing something with care and attention will make any future mother incredibly happy.