Must Have Gifts for a New Mum

Are you looking for ways to make the new mum in your life feel special and loved? When considering what must have gifts for a new mum look like, it is important that you take some time to think about how she is probably feeling. With 70% of new mums experiencing some form of mental health problem, it is so crucial that loved ones surround them with lots of care and attention.

Babies can cost parents an average of £7200 in their first year which means that providing some gifts in the form of essential accessories is a lovely, and money-saving, gesture. Whether it’s comforting to sleep accessories or gentle bathing products, there are lots of things that need to be considered when it comes to a baby making their much-awaited arrival.

At Mama Jewels, we think that making a new mum feel special requires a balance of the right gifts and unlimited support from friends and family. Our approach to artisan favours puts both mum and baby at the heart of everything, with a balance of essential and luxury products which make everyday life that bit easier.

Keep reading to find out what must have gift’s a new mother will benefit from in 2022.

Why should you be spoiling a new mum?

There are lots of reasons why you should be considering how you can treat a new mum, with our top ones being the following:

What do new mums need the most?


Everyone loves a bouquet of fresh flowers and an indulgent box of chocolates. However, we think that a bit more thought needs to go into creating the perfect gift for a new mum. Baby clutter is a real thing, with tiny socks and bottles likely to be hiding in every corner of the house. Staying on top of household chores is just one of the many tasks that a new parent will struggle to do so we think that any gift you give, should also provide a purpose, and benefit instead of just ending up on the new baby gift pile.

Our approach to choosing the perfect gift breaks things down into five categories: Essential for Baby, Postpartum Care and Recovery, First Time Mum, and Push Presents. Making a new mum feel special requires thought, but don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Essential for Baby

Essential for Baby

No matter how prepared a new parent is, babies bring with them a never-ending list of essentials which seems to keep growing as the days pass. Choosing to give a gift that is a baby essential not only shows that you care but gives parents more of a chance of having everything they need already in the home.

  • Baby changing accessories: This includes nappies, wipes, creams and changing mats. You can never have enough of these products, trust us!
  • Nursery accessories: Whilst babies will likely not sleep in their own room for the first few months, giving a gift that can help achieve the perfect space is a great idea. Our nursery art is an example of a personalised and unique gift that a new mum is sure to love. With parents spending around £5000 on decorating their children’s rooms, this gift is not just a nice to have but an essential.
  • Babies are adorable dribble monsters so giving a dribble bib to keep both mum and baby’s clothes protected is also a thoughtful gift idea.
  • Thanks to little accidents, babies are likely to go through multiple outfits a day. We, therefore, recommend giving clothing as gifts as it means that new mums will always have something within reach, even if the laundry pile is starting to increase. Check out our monogram baby onesies for a clothing gift that combines essentials with something a bit different.
  • An essential you can also never have too many of our swaddles. Whether you are using them as a comforting sleep aid, a changing mat, a pram cover, or even a play mat, baby swaddle cloths are always something that new mums should have close by.

Postpartum Care and Recovery

Postpartum Care and Recovery

Postpartum has knock-on effects on both the body and the mind. Whilst a new mum is sure to be thrilled with her little bundle of joy, there is no denying that pregnancy and childbirth can be tough.

  • Ice packs may sound like an odd gift but they are a thoughtful way to show that you care about how a new mum is feeling and healing. You can find some beautiful designs online with allow a new mother to have a constant supply of soothing ice packs for when she is feeling uncomfortable.
  • It is also common for new mums to experience dry skin, so providing her with a sumptuous moisturising product will aid her postpartum recovery. Our vegan hand salve is just one example of a product that can be kept in a changing bag or by a bedside table which reminds a mum to invest in her own recovery as well as look after her new baby.
  • How does losing 109 minutes of sleep sound a night to you? This is how much, on average, a new parent will lose. As a physical recovery requires sleep, gifting sleep-aiding products is a lovely idea. Our Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box contains multiple lavender products which all offer natural sleeping aid that a new mum will very much appreciate.

First Time Mum

First Time Mum

Whilst having a baby is one of the most natural things that a woman can do, being a first-time mother is intimidating. If the new mum in your life has just had her first baby, we think any of the following gifts is a great way to offer some tailored support.

  • Around 83% of mums start their baby’s life with breastfeeding so offering some advice and support in this department is sure to be greatly appreciated. You can shop from a range of breastfeeding gifts with our top choices being lactation teas, breastfeeding recipe books, and swaddle cloths which offer privacy.
  • Any form of the new mum book is also a nice thought which is made even more special if you know a bit about the parenting style the family wish to adopt. You can also shop for a diary or journal which will encourage a new mum to record all her experiences and be able to keep them for years to come.
  • You also cannot go wrong with a New Mum Baby Gift Basket which contains everything she could possibly need in one place. From teething toys to all-natural multi-use skincare, this offers the perfect way to cover all bases and give a new mum everything she could need during the first few months with her precious little one.

Push Presents

Push Presents

As a google term which has received more than 260,000 searches in the last year alone, push presents are a popular trend. They are gifts which are that bit more special which a new mum can keep as a reminder of her amazing journey into motherhood.

  • Any form of jewellery makes a lovely push present. The idea is that this gift is something special which a personalised piece of jewellery is. Our Monogram Printed Liberty Bracelets are a perfect example. The gift also doesn’t have to be expensive but shows that you have considered what the new mum would like and that you know how important the last few months have been for her.
  • Everyone loves to be pampered, so a fully stocked pamper hamper is also a lovely gift to give. Our New Mummy Pamper Hamper contains everything decadent products that a new mum would not likely just buy for herself.

Do you now feel confident in knowing what must have gifts for a new mum consist of?

Making a new mum feel special doesn’t have to be about spending lots of money. Instead, it’s about showing that you care and that the gift you have chosen is perfect just for her.

If you want to find out more options, check out our gifts for new mums here.