photoshoot 050 comprWhen a new baby arrives, it’s customary to celebrate! And what better way than with gifts for the baby? There are so many cute little outfits, teddies, trinkets and keepsakes to choose from these days too. But what about mum and dad?

Sometimes it’s nice to choose presents for new parents too; it’s all too easy to forget them when the baby arrives! Presents for new parents can be a wonderful way to mark a baby’s arrival into the world, and if you get it right they will be appreciated more than you realise. So what to choose? How to buy a gift that stands out amongst the baby’s haul?

Think about what’s useful. Nappies, yes. Wipes, yes. But chances are these are the kind of essentials they already have. Sometimes it’s nice to buy new parents something a little more unique! So forget the flowers, hold off on the champagne for now, and give the nappy cake a miss. Make your gift stand out instead.

For mums, why not go for something a little frivolous? She’s spent the last nine months working hard so she deserves a treat! Why not indulge her in some luxurious bath goodies that are just for her? Or copies of her favourite magazine to read while she feeds the baby? Or if you’re looking for something a little more lasting, our baby-proof necklaces make beautiful gifts that are designed to stand the test of time. Birthstone jewellery for example, is a unique way to commemorate the birth of a baby, and our beautiful personalised pieces also make wonderful gifts. There are options to have baby’s hand or footprint and name engraved, making them thoughtful and precious keepsakes.

And don’t forget dad! All too often mum and baby share the limelight in the early days, but dad has a role to play too. Our men’s baby proof necklaces are such a great gift for new dads and a lovely way to include dad in the celebrations too. Family photo shoots or printed photos also make wonderful presents for new parents. Remember that they are embarking upon an exciting new chapter in their lives- you want your gift to reflect that as best it can. Good luck!